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  1. Create a Backup my NEX-8000 image and maps

    This thread shows you how to back up the device http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/
  2. 8000NEX delayed power on

    Not sure if there is an easy fix or something that one can do themselves but on my 8000NEX unit it seems to take about 5 seconds before it powers on/displays after I start my vehicle. As you can imagine this unit is out of warranty.
  3. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    Is there a way to change what channel the NEX units pick up live time traffic data from? I know its by radio 88.9 in my situation
  4. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    I wonder if setting it to the shortest route would function better? I also have an 8000nex and its traffic avoidance sucks. Not really sure how I can improve/modify how it obtains traffic data.
  5. Updated Maps on Avic-8000NEX

    Just wondering if anyone has the newest Canada / North American maps for an 8000NEX? Could you please PM me or provide a link where I can download one for a 0 fee
  6. Backups and Images

    8000NEX backup?
  7. NEX 82XX and GPS Antenna Location in firmware

    I have an 8000 and have never seen that option
  8. Text size adjustment?

    Sorry to bring this thread up from the dead.. im also wondering this as I have an 8000nex