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  1. Bump Are their any major differences between the 8000 and 85-8600?
  2. Looking for suggestions, I have a 8000nex, I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth upgrading to 8500 or 8600 or not. The map features look the same. I’m aware of the now wireless CarPlay for iPhone. Are there any other new features on any of the newer models that I’m missing that you love? Thanks Joe
  3. Yes several times with the exception of the video cable, all connections are soldered and sealed.
  4. My backup camera works when it wants to. sometimes the is no reaction by the headunit when I shift to reverse, sometimes a black screen with the warning message, sometimes it an actual video like it’s supposed to be. the camera hard wired to the left reverse light, ground and power. this has been going on for years. Thought it was the cameras fault, now I’m not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Has anyone added Birdseye view 4 camera system to you nex? How well does it work and how did you hook it up? thanks
  6. How do I back up fuel consumption and address in my map program before firmware update?
  7. Hey guys, I have been reading thru the forums and cannot find instruction on how to create a backup my nex-8000 before I make upgrades/changes. It probably simply because i do not understand all the terms being used. I just want to make 100% sure i have a backup of the unit in case something gets messed up. If someone can direct me to the right post and specifically what instructions to follow i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Will a NEX 8100, 8200 or 8201software be used on a NEX 8000? if so where can i get the image? Thanks!!
  9. It reset your GPS settings but does it clear your saved locations, fuel consumption data, and any other personal data too? If it does is there a way to back up the personal stuff and restore it after the update?
  10. Its so annoying that Apple and pioneer can't get together and make it so you can do everything on one connection. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Currently, you have to connect via the thunderbolt and HDMI adapter to get iPhone mirroring and stream video from your phone to the 8000nex. CBut wile your connected with the adapter, CarPlay doesn't work.. Has anyone come up with a way to do both either thru the adapter or direct connection thru thunderbolt?? My thunderbolt/hdmi adapter is intermittent thanks to the stress of moving the phone around while its connected.. must be a be
  11. yeah only works on the lightning cable connected to USB1 connected directly to the iPhone. Will not connect with the HDMI/Lightning cable adapter. so if you want to stream video off your phone, you will have to unplug lightning cable plug it into the adapter and then plug the adapter into your phone again.. Messages.. would not show any previous messages or the message I composed..it displays on the phone screen but not the 8000nex Look and feel of the app is cheaply done. not the usual for apple or pioneer.. NOT HAPPY...
  12. I called Pioneer today to get some questions answered about my avic 8000. I asked about Apple carplay, he quickly responded it will be released by Sept 22nd. one more month to wait.. hopefully.
  13. i was told today by pioneer that AVICsync will be released by the end of the year(2014)
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