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  1. The big difference between the two is you don't have a fade option in network. You get high, mid, low. Meaning tweeters, mids, subwoofer. In standard it operates like a normal stereo with front, rear, sub. As for the front being louder in standard, its probably because in network mode the rear is only receiving the low-mid signal, meaning no high notes.
  2. I'm assuming you just hooked it up to the factory amp. You want standard mode. Network mode is for running an active crossover, which is something the stock amp will manage for you.
  3. Custom Backround Request

    Is anyone still doing this? I've been trying to make myself a nice background with my limited digital art skills, and am not really succeeding. Pioneer AVH-2400NEX I can't change my splash screen. I'm trying to make a red background with a modern (Dodge) Dart// logo just below the middle left of the image, that's where the largest open spot on the screen is. Also, anyone know what the Max file size is for jpgs on my model? I'm guessing somewhere around 50kb, but not sure. A lot of the backgrounds I upload get their image quality reduced severely and look really bad. In today's age of cheap mobile technology you'd think this wouldn't be an issue anymore.
  4. Custom Background Gallery

    I know your post is 3 years old it if you happen to see this do you still have a copy of the background you use before you edited in your auto logos? I'd really like to copy your idea for my own car, it looks sweet. Edit: Google helps apparently. Couldn't find exactly the same but close enough.
  5. Remove Tuner background icon

    I just upgraded from an 8 year old avic to a 2400nex, and I can't stand this either. Album art is a nice feature when streaming or playing mp3's. But the ugly radio dial image takes up like 1/4 of the screen and looks terrible. I'd much rather just see the eq meter move. Sadly I don't have a solution either, I'm hoping someone else does. It'd be nice if this was an option in the developer options or something. I scanned through the rest of the topics regarding this and no one responded to those either. So its probably either put up with it, go back to the main screen, or keep it on android or apple mode. The UI as a whole is pretty bad for the radio anyway. All that screen and they waste it on this image yet wedge the info text into a tiny spot that never has enough room.
  6. Trouble showing street maps x920bt

    Ty for the help. Before when I tried that option it didn't work right for whatever reason, but that was with factory software versions so that might be why. Its showing everything now.
  7. Trouble showing street maps x920bt

    Yeah the website that has that update wants $120, 2013 maps will do. That's more than I paid for the unit itself. I'd rather put that money towards a new one.
  8. Trouble showing street maps x920bt

    Didn't know there was 2015 maps or where to get the patch. And I've been trying to figure out how to zoom. I looked in the manual but all I saw was something about turning on the option to automatically zoom out.
  9. Let me start by say hi, first post etcetera etcetera. Recently bought this unit off craigslist since I just got a new car and am too poor to few a new one. I've been into car audio since the 90s, my last car had an 80prs in it running active, but this is my first touchscreen nav setup. Anyway I used the how toos on here to update the thing with 5.00 and the 2013 maps. My issue is the only roads showing are interstates and freeways near me. I know its not the gps because it has a strong signal and at the bottom of the display it reads the name of the streets I drive down. I just can't see them. I tested turn by turn by entering an address and they popped up to show my destination, but I didn't actually follow it just canceled. In the morning I'll set it for my drive to work & see what happens. It'd just be nice to see the road I'm on when I'm driving around without needing directions. I figured this was the best place to ask something so specific, anyone have any advice?