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  1. 2011 Map Updates!

    I have an email from Pioneer saying August. -SF
  2. Can not isolate hiss from speakers....

    2005 Infiniti G35x Sedan with the BOSE system. Had an AVIC-N1 installed before with no hiss, updated to the X920BT and hear the hiss. -SF
  3. X920bt update failed

    Did not have a microSD card and it was free so I said...what the hell Too bad it does not work. I guess I can try and find an adapter or something to try and reupload the firmware to the card. Just seeing if anyone else has run into the issue. -SF
  4. X920bt update failed

    Recieved the sd card from pioneer yesterday. Popped it in today and it fails at around 40/105. Any ideas? Bad software?
  5. Can not isolate hiss from speakers....

    Same problem here. Annoying as all hell. -SF
  6. So as of last week, the only buttons that decide to work on my AVIC-N1 are the volume control and the right/left of the toggle switch. All those do nothing when pressed. Also, randomly when the the screen flips out, it will stay black. Is is a possible connection issue between between the buttons and the unit or??? Thanks -SF
  7. N1 GPS Arrow problem

    I have a N1 with a N3 brain, rear camera, ipod, and xm. This all started when I updated the firmware after doing the bypass for new maps (had the 2006 maps, bypassed and updated to 2008 and now updated to 2009). Everything on the unit works fine but the arrow that represents the car in the NAV points the wrong direction. If I go into settings and "modify current location" and set the arrow right, it works for a while but eventually points the wrong way again. Very odd. Sometimes it goes so bad as to actually turn itself completely around...say I was going North, it would point the arrow South and show me traveling backwards. I have checked all connections multiple times, reset the brain to face the front of the car exactly (even used a level to make sure it was as perfect as possible). I can't figure out why the damn arrow will not stay pointed that the way my car is pointed. Some things I am thinking: 1. Could it be the media that I made a "backup" of the nav DVD on (slow to read)? It does whirr a lot. 2. Would the bypass affect this in any way? Thanks! -SF
  8. The brains

    My XM Display did not change...I have heard of being able to see XM pictures of whatever station you are listening too but I do not see them... -JS
  9. I recently had my N1 modded (solder) and upgraded. The person also included the 07 disks. Today I installed it and have come up with some issues you might be able to help me with. 1. When I go to NAVI and look at the main screen, I cannot do an ADDRESS search, Vicinity search or POI search. The only thing I can do is hit the GO TO Home button. If I put in the other DVD (EAST) I cannot hit ANY buttons. What would cause this? 2. The Arrow that represents the car on the Map is not pointing in the direction the car is going. Is this due too the brain being installed wrong? 3. What cables do I need to buy to hook the brain to the Navi? IP bus right? Do they just sell extensions? Thanks everyone! -SF