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  1. Thx RonS, I have done that now Any list of changes/fixes in the firmware anywhere ?
  2. F920BT

    Service info
  3. Updated my F920BT without any problems Edited CARDINFO.CIF in Godzilla 2017 update file OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR and replace with X07EURX27EURX30EUR Then used ShortFuseScript from RonS and flollowed the steps Thx to Godzilla and RonS Before update : After update :
  4. You did edit CARDINFO.CIF before updated the f920bt right ? (Going to update my f920bt) edited CARDINFO.CIF. OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR and replace it with X07EURX27EURX30EUR