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  1. Hello avic f10bt updated 7.0 speed cameras installed Spain thank you very much
  2. updated¡¡¡ avic f10bt thank you very much godzilla rons and bubuu77 thank you very much
  3. hello avic f10bt step 1: download download shortfusescript.zip and 2017 update file step 2: unpack shortfusescript on a fat32 SD card step 3 Run script on F20BT ( just place SD card and touch a key when asked.(wait 1 minute eject sd card .do not turn off avic!!! Step 4: unpack zip 2017 update on at least 4GB sd card. password 'Dracarys' step 5: place sdcard in F20BT and RESTART !!! step 6: choose update procedure yes. When asked use PASSWORDPASSWORD as password. (sd card fat32 4gb -shortfuse sd card fat32 4gb - 2017 update (FIRMWARE.UPDATE,CARDINFI.cif 2015 for avic F10,F20) maps does not update bluetooth update if updated What can be?