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  1. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    hello I have this problem in my avic-mrz09 and I want to copy the backup files and when copying nothing happens, the same thing happens when I try to delete any file from USER it does not delete them .... I would be very grateful for your help
  2. AVIC MRZ09

    hello to all I need help with an avic mrz09, the problem is that the initial stereo stays in those Japanese letters and no longer ... someone who can help me with that please ...
  3. 15311760135701617170910.thumb.jpg.d2219526edde76497f62d53e4e77f2e4.jpghola dzo Compré un automóvil y el autoestéreo avic-mrz09 me muestra palabras en japonés, cuando inserto un disco es posible escuchar el audio que me gustaría saber si tiene solución y le apruebo su respuesta ...