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  1. Many thanks, French? is of course not my language
  2. I can't find something for UK, Is it available? Maybe together with France
  3. So, finally I installed the 2017 version together with BT fw 3.32. Here is the procedure that I follow starting from version 3.0000: 1) hackfuse 2) install map update 2013 (ask password: PASSWORDPASSWORD) 3) hackfuse 4) install map update 2015 (NO PASSWORD ASKED) 5) hackfuse 6)install map update 2017 (ask password: PASSWORDPASSWORD) 7) update BT fw from 3.22 to 3.32 I have Avic-F930bt
  4. I found on this forum also version 2013 and 2015. Using shorfuse 2013 goes without problem. For 2015 I user cardinfo.cif from 2017 version and goes well. I will try 2017 again
  5. Hi guys, I bought recently a car with this sat nav. (f930bt) Today I found this forum and this thread and I tried to update mine. I got 3.00000 version. Already updated the BT. I follow the rules and first of all I used the shortfuse script to updates the 2 files in automatic. Thank I use the same microSD to update the maps (Godzilla files without any mod, just extract and put 2 folders and 1 file). Put the password, after reboot it is blocked says :" Incorrect SD card, Please insert the correct one" PANIC, I read other post and thank you to superuser files I delete the files in xxxx/download. Now it is back to works but I found always the same error. Tried different times with different micro SD. They are from 8 to 16gb in FAT32. What I can do?