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  1. 2017 new maps for avic

    I read a forum and I do not know much about it. Do you know who has tried this installation from pioneeravic.com? If it's as simple as it's written, I'll just send the money to them.
  2. 2017 new maps for avic

    How important is the original firmware version? I have uploaded 06.0000
  3. 2017 new maps for avic

    Okay, thank you. This method seemed easier to me. I do not know if I could upload the files listed here in the forum correctly. Or I already had the 06.0000 firmware in the navigation, would it be easier record new map?
  4. 2017 new maps for avic

    Hello, has anyone tried this update for the same Pioneer Avic f920bt that I have? Is it a simple plug and play as it is written? Thank you https://www.pioneeravic.com/store/maps-firmware-update/latest-maps-f920-f920bt/
  5. Hello, i have the radio avic f920bt and i wanted to try this way to upload new maps. But I found out that my radio already has a recorded firmware 06.0000 (the previous owner of the car). Do I have to complete the procedure, or is there a hack loaded when there is version 06.0000? Thank you