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  1. hi rons. i solve the way but i have got a problem. i changed RenewallFlib.dll mistake. how can i find RenewallFlib.dll original for my HU ? maybe if i installed 2015 maps, is this file make original ?
  2. where is the download link godzilla ?
  3. If the update fails and you are stuck with "Wrong SD" message:-boot into testmode. -go into file maintenance -remove the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log tesmode.key indir
  4. Rons you are best. i have got f9220 bt. when i will load 2017 maps ?.
  5. i think godzilla give password for PM
  6. 2017 new maps for avic

    is it eligible f9220 bt ?
  7. can i update my f9220 bt ? and first message be edit true files.
  8. 2017 new maps for avic

    How can i buy this maps ?
  9. 2017 new maps for avic

    i answer this mail. but no reply
  10. 2017 new maps for avic

    pioneer avic sent me an email.. we'll make sure you wont't get lost this summer Akik! Summer is here, and we all feel like a road trip to the beach, ready for an adventure! We just updated to the latest 2017 Maps for your radior your beloved "old" Pioneer avic unit so you can make sure to get home after your roadtrip! Since we appriaciate you as a returning costumer, we want to give you a the latest version, 2017Q1 maps + firmware and speedcam update with a 25% discount. You won't be paying €24,95 but just €18,71! The offer is valid untill tomorow, Sunday 9 Juli! You can use coupon "2017DISCOUNT" while checking out to receive your discount untill the end of the week! Cheers, The Pioneer Avic Team
  11. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    where is first topic picture ?
  12. when will 2014 maps come my 9220 ?