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  1. Well, it turns out the AVIC-5200NEX was defective, and beyond repair, or so they said. My purchase price was refunded. On to a search for a different head unit. Thanks for all the input, Jim
  2. Auto EQ Adjustment - Does it help?

    Where did you guys get your Denon Audyssey mics? Looking at the Denon Audyssey mics online, there are many models designed for specific Denon receivers. How would you select which version to use? Thanks, Jim
  3. I just installed a Pioneer AVIC-5200NEX in my C5. I have some issues and hope that those who have experience with the Pioneer NEX models and/or the Axxess XSVI-2004 adapter harness can point me in the right direction I used the Axxess XSVI-2004 adapter harness and module to adapt the Pioneer to the stock C5 wiring harness and the stock Bose woofers in the doors, but had long ago replaced the Bose twiddlers in the doors and the rears with Kicker speakers. I have installed many car stereos in many different types of cars and boats in the past with success........but this is the first C5 install. I triple checked the harness wiring connections from the OEM harness to the AXXESS harness. Pics attached 1. The Pioneer remains ON when the car is turned Off.....not good. 2. The bass output is way below what I had with the stock BOSE head unit. Yes, I have tried many different settings in the Pioneer's equalizer.....but still almost no bass. 3. Is there a setting that will play my FLAC music files on my USB stick in a random order? 4. The rear and front cameras do not function regardless of what position the A4 shifter is in. Any and all help will be appreciated! Thanks, Jim
  4. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    Update 2/26. SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried once again to get Navi Toolbox to "see" my prepared USB stick. As usual, it was not recognized by Navi Toolbox. So again I opened a Chat with Navi Support and got a very helpful person named Julia. Once she had the Ticket number that I got on an earlier email reply from Navi Support she had me open the License file folder within Synctool and send her the names of the licenses listed inside. Turns out there were FOUR licenses inside. She had me delete three of them and restart NaviToolbox. On restart of NaviToolbox it recognized my USB drive and let me log in. Then I was able to see the available updates and download them to my USB drive ;^) I successfully updated the Pioneer unit with the new map files today and it went well. The "extra" license files that were in my synctool/license folder are listed below. I have no idea if your synctool /license files will be the same. But it seems that there should be only ONE license file in the folder. So you might want to take a look. Here are the instructions Julia gave me and they WORKED this time for me. Okay, here you can see the license files. Please delete the following files from the folder: Pioneer_Primo_UC_13Q2_NQ_ExtPOI_TMC_DEM_HNR_TTS_JV_CAR_CS_Mid_NX264_3(1).lyc Pioneer_Primo_UC_13Q2_NQ_ExtPOI_TMC_DEM_HNR_TTS_JV_CAR_CS_Mid_NX264_3(2).lyc Pioneer_Primo_UC_13Q2_NQ_ExtPOI_TMC_DEM_HNR_TTS_JV_CAR_CS_Mid_NX264_3.lyc Once deleted, please launch the Toolbox and check whether it can pick up the USB stick. So glad to have this issue resolved !! Best of luck with yours. Jim
  5. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    SpecTrax, Thanks for the info. I already did the firmware update on my 5200. Went fine, no problems. My firmware is version AVIC-5200NEX_1.07 The version of Toolbox I have was downloaded directly from the Naviextras website, so I assume it is current. Where could I locate an older version of Toolbox to give that a try? Is it possible to send a USB stick to Naviextras or Pioneer support and have them return it with the latest map update installed? Thanks to all, Jim
  6. AVICSYNC and no cell phone

    I am in the same situation.........nothing I try works Jim
  7. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    I am having the same problem using Naviextras Toolbox with my new Piooner AVIC-5200NEX. ;^( I have done all you have trying multiple USB drives. Navi support tells me the USB drive cannot exceed 8gb and none of the ones I tried exceeded 8gb. Tried three different PCs, two with Win10, one with W7.......no luck. Navi support says that the problem is that my PCs cannot reach their servers and I should turn off my firewall, and all antivirus apps. I tried this on a PC that has just been built so no personal data on it........No luck, save issues. Naviextras Toolbox does not see my USB drive (but the PC does) and it will not let me login through the Naviextras Toolbox screen. If ANYONE has suggestions I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance, Jim