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  1. I know this is an old post but I tried doing this yesterday and it doesnt appear to work, at least on my machine which is a HRZ008. The unit comes up with a message in Japanese (which I forgot to screenshot) and that's as far as it gets, presumably it has some kind of country lockout.
  2. Hi, Im trying translate my HRZ008 which is an older version of the AVIC stereos but I cant get the decode/recode working. Ive unlocked my drive and found the language file, named NN720DAT.JPN, it looks to be in the same format as the newer .LNG files. Has anyone managed to use DZOs code to translate a file, Ive compiled decode.c to extract the strings but I dont get japanese characters out, I think its something to do with the code page but im not sure how to get past this point. NN720DAT.JPN
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