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  1. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Getting ready to install a w6400nex....and will use it with Android Auto. Read this whole thread.....but still can't decide: can I skip using the VSS, parking brake, and reverse wires, and the unit will function 100% (with no stupid warning messages). I did read about the soft bypass, but still can't tell if the brake wire needs to be grounded. I thought the answer was "no" for the newer NEX models. But also curious about the VSS and reverse: VSS should be easily skipped (only helps increase GPS accuracy), but does Android Auto require reverse wire like Carplay? Thanks, Mike Edit: 4/14/19. I consulted with a car forum I'm on, and folks in that group confirmed that I don't need any of the wires (VSS, parking, reverse) for everything to work ok. Since I'm not installing a backup camera, I don't care about the reverse either.