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  1. Well, I answered my own question: I pulled out the stereo and connected the e brake wire, so yes, you MUST have the parking brake wire connected to the e brake switch (or other on/off switch) for Android Auto to work. Just using the "soft bypass" trick is not enough.
  2. Pioneer Tech Support Unavailable?

    I talked to tech support yesterday. Had to wait on hold for 30 mins (message kept saying "15 mins").
  3. Back of AVIC 6400NEX

    I think the yellow colored input is either the iDatalink port, or the HDMI? The WRC is for hooking up a remote control ie steering wheel control adapter for older cars that don't use iDatalink. I used it on my wife's 2004 Ford.
  4. I just installed a 8400nex and enabled the soft bypass, but I cannot get Android Auto to connect......it complains that I need to stop the car and engage the brake. I thought using the soft bypass trick would mean I don't have to use the parking brake wire on the 8400, but apparently not? How have others gotten Android Auto to work? Mike
  5. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Getting ready to install a w6400nex....and will use it with Android Auto. Read this whole thread.....but still can't decide: can I skip using the VSS, parking brake, and reverse wires, and the unit will function 100% (with no stupid warning messages). I did read about the soft bypass, but still can't tell if the brake wire needs to be grounded. I thought the answer was "no" for the newer NEX models. But also curious about the VSS and reverse: VSS should be easily skipped (only helps increase GPS accuracy), but does Android Auto require reverse wire like Carplay? Thanks, Mike Edit: 4/14/19. I consulted with a car forum I'm on, and folks in that group confirmed that I don't need any of the wires (VSS, parking, reverse) for everything to work ok. Since I'm not installing a backup camera, I don't care about the reverse either.