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  1. Car on or car off, when hitting a button on the touchscreen, like volume up and down, or selecting anything, I get a thud from my subwoofer, not real loud. Tried different ground points on for the headunit, I don't get alternator whine or anything. Gains on my amps are excessively low as I have way more power than i need 3000wrms for a 1200wrms sub, and 150wrmsx4 for my mids and tweets. It is a minor annoyance, I but was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar with the nex units.
  2. so don't do this for deep scratches, you will get down to a layer that is unpolishable compared to the top layers and has a definitive transition between the layers causing a ring. the two spots I had deep gouges have sanding scratches that will not come out because I had to go about the depth of half a penny? that's the best way I can describe how deep it was. it should be noted I sanded the entire screen and the rest of it polished up fine, the two circular parts you can see in the photo in the center bottom will not polish. if you look at an angle this is because the top of it is
  3. so I was able to wet sand down with 2000 grit and then buff out with a wool pad the the scratches and it had no impact on the screen functionality. the screen is comprised of multiple top layers though and the transition is clearly marked between the layers. and I'm going to have to take the entire screen down a couple of layers where the deepest scratch was or else there is going to be a ring around where the layers merge. I'll try to get some pictures on here soon. the scratches were deep enough to get my fingernail into them lol so I said f it and went for it. the 3 inch drill attached
  4. fuuudge, the 4660-nex just shows "TBD" and out of stock for the screen, I put two big scratches in it while installing, like an idiot. I made sure to tape over anything sharp and everything, and then left my eye glasses in the little holder under the deck while I had it dangling down on top of them and didn't realize it and I was popping the car into reverse and back to find the 6v backup camera power and it slid across the corner of my collapsed glasses (i know it doesn't seem possible) and scratched it in two places. Before I start wetsanding and get out the buffer and try to fix it, I'd
  5. Thank you very much, I don't know why i was having such a hard time finding that lol
  6. Does anyone make a round (easier) or square jack I can install somewhere in the front of my car that has just an HDMI plug and a 3.5mm miniplug on it? I have been tearing through the google forever now and not finding one. I found one with two usb, one hdmi and one 3.5mm. But I already wired up to my car's usb ports, so these two usb's would go wasted and would like something smaller with just the two jacks I need.
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