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  1. I found MRZ07, you can download on the link from above
  2. Added backups MRZ06 and MRZ07 https://mega.nz/folder/O3pHwIoK#PViNfdIVca0qBcVeMo0nfg
  3. Hello Elias, at the moment I do not have a backup copy of MRZ 07, it may appear soon. I still need to translate about 30 pieces, maybe I will find one among them. and MRZ09 does not fit?
  4. Hey! First, I want to thank @dzo for the tremendous input as well as @javed akhtar continued support. You are legends. If you forgot someone, then I'm sorry. Secondly, I have translated this post into google translate, so if there are any mistakes, then get it right. Thank you all, I have translated MRZ09 / MRZ99 / MRZ77 / MRZ90 into Russian, MRZ02 into English. I also wanted to contribute my treasure to this case and created a backup for all the above models and attached the link below. More MRZ models are coming soon and will be added as well. A friend ordered several pieces. MRZ and ask
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