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  1. I celebrated too soon. Bluetooth is back to working but now if I touch the screen or a button it sometimes randomly reboots. Thoughts?
  2. @khamFinally replaced the SD card with the image! Working great so far including Maestro on my steering wheel! THANK YOU!!!!!! Any idea if this is a permanent solution or just kicking the can down the road to have to do again in a year or two?
  3. It answers part of my question. So when I placed in the available SD reader behind the face, the unit didn’t recognize it either. So is that also expected? Has anyone tried to use the .img to update firmware? I tried but the front SD card unit doesn’t recognize the SD card. Just trying to avoid taking apart the dash and the unit to find it still not working in the SD slot buried within the unit behind the dash.
  4. I have a .img for the W4500NEX and trying to follow your instructions for Mac. I flashed the SD card using that software but once done it will not mount and read by the Mac or I’m the W4500 with the SD slot under the screen. I was hoping I could use the .img to update firmware without removing the dash and unit. Maybe that isn’t possible but how do I know the Imaged flashed to the SD card replacement works before putting it in the unit? Ideas? mr.Evan.poe@gmail.com if you want to message me.
  5. Sent you an email reply!
  6. Can someone create a 4500 image I can buy? My wireless CarPlay doesn’t work after I got an iPhone 13 Pro in its launch.
  7. Does anyone have a 4500 image I can get? My 4500 no longer will remember my iPhone and so my wireless CarPlay will not work except to re-set it up every time I turn in my car. And now it isn’t storing settings and I get the Sirius XM your favorite bands are updated message. Even when I turn it off in settings it comes back upon turning the car on again.
  8. Same thing here. Pioneer will do nothing. Best Buy couldn’t figure it out. I tried clearing cache and everything. Can’t use wireless Bluetooth which is why I bought this model! email me at: mr.evan.poe@gmail.com to assist me!
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