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  1. Hi, I also posted this question on the AVH to AVIC "upgrade" thread, so please excuse my double post. However, I do have an AVH-Z9200DAB unit. I do read that this is just another name for the 4400NEX (or 4500NEX?!) for different regions. Mine is from Europe - Germany to be precise. My issue is, the unit is stuck in the software-error mode. Panasonic is not responding to my repair request. Accordongly, I would like to exchange the SD-card with the firmware myself. Can I just use the 4400NEX image floating around? I did have the parking control lines with my original Z9200DAB unit
  2. I also got two questions: 1. I do have an AVH-Z9200DAB unit (European version). Is this fully compatible with the AVH-4400 NEX? 2. Any chances to get the "upgrade" in Europe despite the situation with Russia? Cheers, Andy
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