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  1. English: Greetings, I have a working Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT, how do I make a backup copy to share it?
  2. Supposedly, they are identical (the ones direct from Pioneer) 1.04 and 1.06
  3. Hard to say what's real and what isn't - it's unfortunate, but there are some people trying to recoup their costs, and some trying to just make money. Some you win, some you lose.
  4. That is one issue but the most problem is the cheap cards going bad and failing in To read only mode.
  5. OEM will not need device ID reprogramming as it is same for same. The other images floating around are modified 4400 images, and do need a reprogram (also the 8500 image that works well from @asd255)
  6. I've also heard that Android Auto (wireless) may no longer work in that image. Wired is fine.
  7. It will It will work - but as others have said, if you use the Maestro RR - it will no longer work. You'll need to rewrite/reprogram the serial number (device id) in to the radio, regardless of what it says is there. You may want to seek out @asd255 for a better alternative with a fully working image / ability to recode the device ID
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