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  1. LInk to CNDV-110MT East: http://kat.ph/2012-p-maps-t6655595.html Link to CNDV-110MT West: http://kat.ph/2012-west-p-maps-t6661253.html
  2. Extracted the rar and burned it about 2 hours ago and my AVIC-N5 update without any problems. Thanks a lot eknsi. I'm seeding the original upload now, so hopefully the newer downloaders are getting decent speeds.
  3. Oh man, yea, I got the error too: Is the password given the right one eknsi? Please verify that this is the correct password: "04162012Pioneer" Edit: Actually, I just extracted it again, but this time I typed in the password and it extracted. I'll burn it and test it out now. I'll Let you know.
  4. Just work up, damn at 99%!! Not sure what the issue is.
  5. A lot of us are, I think eknsi's computer is off, and the few who finished downloading aren't seeding.
  6. The torrent client should say how many seeders are online.
  7. Think he fell asleep. O_o 97.8% .... Supposedly 4 seeds, but none online
  8. I'm at 97%, can't really tell the d/l speed but seems to be really slow as I don't see it getting past 5Kb/s. Sucks when were this close. Hopefully, within the next hour it finishes for a lot of people. My up speed has slowed significantly as well, I'm assume because a lot of people are in the same state as me.
  9. I'm at about the same point, but I notice that my torrent client is saying that there is now 3 seeders, so hopefully things will start picking up.
  10. I'm at 87.2%. It will be done by 10 or 11 at this rate. Judging by a few other posts, others are at the same point I am in the download. So, more than likely, a lot of us will finish at the same time, and at that point the download speed for everyone else will go significantly. So it's just a matter of a little patience, then all will be good.
  11. Ok, the speeds that the torrent client is giving are meaningless because of crazy fluctuation. However, I did a little real world timing. Once I reached 75% exactly, I timed how long it took to get to 76%. It took 20.5 mins to move 1%. So with 25% more to go: 20.5 * 25 = 512.5 minutes, or about 8.5 hours left. Doing a little more math, 1% of 2.98GB is 29,800,000 bytes in 20.5 minutes (1230 seconds). So 29,800,000/1230 = 24,227.64 bytes/sec or 24Kb/sec seems to be the torrents average speed at least for this interval measured. Looks like it will be finished somewhere after midnight at this rate.
  12. Eknsi, Are you planning on putting up the west disk any time soon? Thanks.
  13. Mine are fluctuating widely; however, I'm at 51%. As long as it keeps moving steady, I'm ok with waiting until late tonight or tomorrow morning. My upload rate is pretty high at 400 kB/s.
  14. Up to 38.8% and speed is somewhat better fluctuating between 80kb/s - 100 kb/s. As long as it keeps seeding around this rate I'll have it in 24 hours along with the other Fiber optic member and that should help things out a lot.
  15. OK, it's going again, now I'm at 32.5% with 1 seeder online. Download speed only 25.5K/b though. If it stays at this speed, it should be done in 24 hours. Hopefully, it stays at a constant d/l rate.