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  1. F930Bt

    I'm thinking about purchasing one, however I didn't find any information on this unit. For e.g.: - What the resolution? - Can It simply (and fully) turned off? - How can I update the NAV? - Does it sync my phone so it saves all of my conatcts or is beeing read from the phone in real time? - What is the average boot up time? - What processor does it have? - How much memory? - Is therea HDD in it, or its flash based? - May the screen got damaged in a hot summer if there is no shade? - Do I need to restart it sometime? How often? - Is there a difference in booting time if I take the key (unit buttons) out or not? - Do anybody use it, have feedback on the headunit?
  2. Make the unit faster

    Hi! I'm planning to buy a F900BT (because there will be no F90BT in Hungary) and I was wandering if I can turn some of the features to make the unit faster. I won't use for eg: SIRIUS MSN TMC Voice recognition (navigation) 3D landmarks XM radio (only FM and AM) What I need is Ipod (music and video) integration, BlueTooth mobile, 2D navigation and FM Radio, with WIRED steering wheel remote controll. Can I turn these features off? Will this make the unit faster? Thanks.
  3. Turning off iPod VR Catalog Mode...

    So, will the F900bt unit be able to boot up faster if I turn the VR catalog off? What else can I do to make the unit faster?
  4. USB vs. Ipod Video

    USB video or Ipod video. Could someone upload 2 images showing the quality on the screen? (About the same video of course...) Seems that using ipod is far more comfortable, however if the USB HDD has better video quality I'd vote for it.
  5. USB drive with max 2GB storage? Pleah! I wanted to use my 250GB USB2.0 WD Passport... that sux.
  6. WOW!!! Amazing! I was afraid of buying ipods, because I don't really like the iTunes. But now, I don't even need it. Yeah. How about quality and response-times? I thought that playing Video files from the USB HDD might have better quality than from the Ipod (because Ipod is composite) Could someone please upload two images for me about the same video (first showing video from the Ipod and second from the USB drive)? Thanks!
  7. Video from an USB drive? Sure? http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15191 They told me that USB does not deliver Video, so USB drives only play music...
  8. Which unit: 700BT/900BT/90BT

    I am about to buy the F900BT because the F90BT is not available in Europe.
  9. Some of you have problems and other issues with these devices. I want to collect these. Please post only the problems (indicate the device as well, please)!!!
  10. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    Are you planning to use the steering wheel controls? I'm interested in that for the same vehicle. Is the bypass workable on the F90bt as well?
  11. Bypass?

    Is the bypass system the same in the European versions too? I'm living in Hungary. Is there a final solution to bypass the system?

    I'm dying to know how fast is the Ipod contolling from the F90Bt. This is important for me because radio and my Ipod's playlists will be used mostly....and the videos from the ipod.
  13. 900 vs. 90bt

    Will the F90Bt have a European version too? I'm living in the EU, so it is important for me... How can I differentiate the EU products from the US ones?
  14. USB vs. Ipod Video

    Well, I don't know whether its true or not, I found an F900BT on ebay, and the description said: "The AVIC-F900BT has versatile connectivity, which means you can watch compressed video such as MPEG 4 on the screen (from SD cards and USB devices), and enjoy audio and video playback from your iPod (supporting generations from October 2005). Bring your digital lifestyle in-car." Hmmm? Video via USB?
  15. Wired steering wheel controls

    You are a GENIUS, MASTER! respect.