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  1. Rear Channels are barely audible

    sorry to send you on a wild goose chase. it was the first thing that came to mind. what kind of car? factory amp installed? using a harness of any sort?
  2. Rear Channels are barely audible

    do you have it in network mode? maybe switch it to standard.
  3. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    as i have mentioned in other posts, i have an older Z140 in my other vehicle that works great. its a shame there is not a fix for this
  4. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    i wish there was a fix for the classic ipods not picking up where they left off, its very frustrating.
  5. z140 bt ipod not working

    I have for sure. never really knew if it was a headunit issue or Ipod issue. I use the older 30gb video, so I just figured it was the ipod
  6. AVIC-6100 NEX - Want newest Maps and Updates (Help)

    depending on what version you are on currently, but firmware updates are here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-6100NEX#downloads
  7. last time I did a upgrade for my older z130 that I downloaded from this site, I just had to swap CARDinfo files. when I got the Z140 that I have now, I purchased the upgrade from Ebay and just inserted the SD card and it did the upgrade. seems like I need to wait before I screw up my unit. sorry if I wasn't clear enough
  8. so, if i have never hacked my unit.....then i should not have to worry about this shortfuse or the backup camera hack
  9. Keep in mind that your model number doesn't change by installing updates. If you have a Z110 from 2009 and previously installed 2015 maps - its not a Z140. Its still a Z110 just running updated software. The tables also show differences between update software version. yeah, I have the z140 running the 2016 maps
  10. got the maps downloaded and will try to upgrade tomorrow, the wife has the car at work today. has anyone else attempted the upgrade?
  11. so for the Z140, we still need to swap cardinfo files?