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  1. no issues. I guess I am always interested in updates, that's all. typically updates come out every year from what I remember
  2. Has anyone heard if there will be a firmware update for the NEX 4200 this year? Pioneer shows the last update in August of last year. Just curious
  3. sorry to send you on a wild goose chase. it was the first thing that came to mind. what kind of car? factory amp installed? using a harness of any sort?
  4. do you have it in network mode? maybe switch it to standard.
  5. as i have mentioned in other posts, i have an older Z140 in my other vehicle that works great. its a shame there is not a fix for this
  6. i wish there was a fix for the classic ipods not picking up where they left off, its very frustrating.
  7. I have for sure. never really knew if it was a headunit issue or Ipod issue. I use the older 30gb video, so I just figured it was the ipod
  8. depending on what version you are on currently, but firmware updates are here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-6100NEX#downloads
  9. last time I did a upgrade for my older z130 that I downloaded from this site, I just had to swap CARDinfo files. when I got the Z140 that I have now, I purchased the upgrade from Ebay and just inserted the SD card and it did the upgrade. seems like I need to wait before I screw up my unit. sorry if I wasn't clear enough
  10. so, if i have never hacked my unit.....then i should not have to worry about this shortfuse or the backup camera hack
  11. Keep in mind that your model number doesn't change by installing updates. If you have a Z110 from 2009 and previously installed 2015 maps - its not a Z140. Its still a Z110 just running updated software. The tables also show differences between update software version. yeah, I have the z140 running the 2016 maps
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