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  1. wow are you serious? i thought 2.0 fixed it cause i havent encounter this problem yet after the fix. maybe i'm going to get it later =\ seriously, how hard is it to play a file all the way? i hope whatever media player leetcoder's working on right now will be a alternet player instead of this crap
  2. Just did the F-Series Update. NO MORE TTS!!!!

    I like how everyone whos TTS is working tells others who arent to read instruction and make sure they did step 7-10. Mines gone too and im pretty sure everyone can follow the instruction fine. im just tired of reading post over and over telling us to follow steps 7-10. this is probably just a stupid pioneer bug. =\
  3. What exactly can the SD Card be used for?

    I dont know if anyone else experiencing this, but when i put music on my sd cards couple of the songs cuts out the ending, around 20secs before where it suppose to end and skips to the next track. for example, a 4min song might end at 3'46 and skips to the next track. i have no idea how to fix it and all all the files are fine when playing on my pc and ipod.
  4. SD playback cutting out

    I've always had these couple songs cutting out at the same point(near the end) and after the update the issues were fixed for about iono, 3days? today when it randomly played that song again, it was cut out once again, at the same spot. The pioneer update was useless i hope they r workin on their next update. -.-
  5. Update Released!! For REAL!!

    After the update for my f700bt the only issue im still having is the BlueTooth. As far as i know, the sound quality on the other end didnt improve much, anyone else having this problem after the update?
  6. F series Blue Tooth questions

    i did a few tests on my own too, seems like its a little bit better with the ECHO setting is turned off. anyone else wanna try and test this?
  7. Hi, i just had my f700bt installed in my GTI and im experiencing the issue where the other end can't hear you clear with static noises in the background. So for the people whos BT is working, can you please post the software driver # along with where you installed your mic and what vehical it is installed in? thanks