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  1. NEX4000 white screen (of death)

    Ouch, sorry, Nothing like that here. Only thing I have seen was the contact plate not wanting to retract after removing the face. Usuallly isn't "fatal" though
  2. iTunes Radio w/CarPlay issue

    Turns out that at some point I guess i had turned off Cellular Data for some apps... the popup on the phone as telling me this and asking if i wanted to enable it but i hadnt noticed it until later. works great now, but this is the first month I will go over on my data usage. Figures, i just got out of my original unlimited data plan about 7 months ago.
  3. CarPlay, NEX 4000, no call audio

    I'm using this for the SWC in my GTI and it works great, even after the update/carply. In case you were still looking for a potential solution
  4. iTunes Radio w/CarPlay issue

    Hmmm, i've rebooted a few times since the update. I'll play around again with it when i can get away from my desk.
  5. iTunes Radio w/CarPlay issue

    Hi All, Thanks to everyone who was able to host the firmware updates over the last day or two... was a big help. I wanted to bring up an issue I noticed with my 4000nex (updated to 1.06) Most of the carplay apps seem to function as intended except for Music. I am able to hear audio when playing genius mixes but NOT when selecting a stations in iTunes Radio. It appears as if the head unit 'thinks' it IS playing something but no audio ever comes through. I tried this while the phone was on wifi as well as LTE and 4G but haven't had any luck. Could i have an option set incorrectly some where? Could iTunes Match be causing a problem somehow? Appreciate any help, thanks. D~
  6. NEX4000 + U260 GPS = iPhone issues

    If I am understanding correctly this is only a problem when using appradio? Or is it also a problem when connecting an iphone via lightning cable / usb ? I never use appradio as it feels cobbled together imo but was just curious about this problem.
  7. iOS8 Update issues...

    For the sake of documentation, I had this happen this morning and I almost freaked out as the head unit isn't too old. But I rebooted everything, the HU, iPhone, iPod and it worked fine... now if we can just get that carplay firmware... AVH-4000nex
  8. Changing the shortcuts - 4000NEX

    OK, Finally had the time to take care of this, it was indeed the fact that I had left the HB wire disconnected. Spending the extra time to get the entire center console out didn't really appeal to me so I got a bypass and it worked perfectly. But now I have another problem... Everything is installed and working great. Now i need the serial number off the unit and I don't want to open up the dash again if i don't have to. Does anyone know an additional way to get the serial # ? I looked but didnt seem to find any info screens containing it.
  9. Changing the shortcuts - 4000NEX

    hmmm yea thats what i was attempting... doesn't seem to drag at all. Could there be a difference between the 4000 and the AVIC units?
  10. Just installed the new HU yesterday and everything seems to be functional for the most part , but thats another story. Except for some reason i am unable to change the source icons on the home screen. There is a video from pioneer showing a man drag, for example, the SiriusXM icon up into the bar to replace a seldom used one... but I am unable to drag any of them... is there a setting im missing somewhere?
  11. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    the actual description of the PASSport says that it doesnt support the pioneer cables... cancelling my order now... no love
  12. Audiobooks?

    Just curious but will audiobooks on an ipod play through the D# if you have it set up? i have the ipod/iphone in the car alot but cant remember if there is a selection menu for audiobooks? dont think i've seen one before
  13. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    kept looking around after i posted that and found this http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1616279&tstart=0 so i guess there is conflicting information... i just ordered one and will post when i get it.. hope it works got it last night and ran down to the car... works great.. now I can charge while the iphone 3g is connected to the D3. One caveat though...depending on if you have a case on your iphone or not, it may be alittle wonky when connecting the kensington cable... it doesnt seat fully on one edge. Now to find a way to bundle these two cables niceley
  14. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    why exactly is it a no go? looks like it should work but then again im not an electrician
  15. Pixelated color..

    Bump, anyone?