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  1. The AVIC Development Mod

    Very well done, all. Maybe we can start off slow and get the x000 devices to work with the x100 firmware? I don't have a jtag device, knowledge, etc, so I'd be very concerned.
  2. Will we get wireless Carplay?

    No. Won't happen on these units, ever. One, because it'd require a wifi adaptor, and two, because pioneer doesn't add new features after a radio is released because they have a stupid sales model.
  3. Carplay Album Art Issue

    The most recent ios9 beta addresses album art per Macrumors' latest report.
  4. Firmware 1.10 is out for older NEX radios

    Not to be redundant, but I installed 1.09 on my 4000 and upgraded Bluetooth yesterday. I had some issues with the unit recognizing the update (after looking for the update, it would say "NO DEVICE") from my flash drive but it eventually loaded fine after two resets. Seems a bit faster to load but that's probably a placebo effect from reading this thread.
  5. NEX 4100, White(grayish screen)

    I've had this happen when the screen connection wasn't making good contact. I usually unmount the screen and snap it back in to work - maybe rub the contacts gently.
  6. Weather

    You really think they ever will?
  7. Startup/Power Issue with NEX 4100

    Don't hold your breath waiting for a firmware upgrade
  8. Noise after installing 8100NEX

    Take it back to the shop
  9. AVICSYNC Stauts

    That doesn't make any sense.
  10. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    Very cryptic
  11. Startup inquiry

    Don't think so. Sounds like it's wired wrong.
  12. Using Both Andrioid Auto & CarPlay with NEX 8100

    I don't know why not. iPhone in usb1 and android in usb2. You would have to change the smartphone settings each time you plugged one or the other in and can't use both at once as far as I can tell.
  13. Reprogramming Axxess ASWC-1 w 4100NEX

    I installed a virtual copy of Android in Parallels, downloaded the app, and it worked to reprogram. Just take laptop to car and plug in usb cable to box. I do note that I had to download Android from the web, the distro that installs from Parallels won't work since you can't access the Google App Store (maybe you can but I couldn't).
  14. Waze Coming to Android Auto

    Apple Maps took me to a dead end across town from where it should have taken me this morning. I am not kidding.