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  1. This jumpering has been working for over a month now and seems fine. Of course you have to ground the parking break as well to complete the bypass, specifics are post all over this site if you search for it. I only posted this because the lack of switch and difference between the normal N2 pin layout had me questioning which pins to jummper. So After much thought I decided it had to be the two pints connected with the red line in my picture and it worked perfectly. make sure you only connect these two points and no others. Also if you are using a pen writer make sure it is dry before powering it up (15 mins to dry)
  2. I Looked at the layout of the pins in the picutre and took and educated guess. I jumpered the pins that are fartherest bac the left on to the middel one and if works correctly. THe four outside pins are not used only the three in the back and the two on the left of my picture (with the biggest gap between them) are to be jumpered. On the included picture it is the two points connected by the red line. I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
  3. I am in need of the schematic of the s151 switch for the N3 so I can figure out which two conductors to jumper as my newly repaired unit is without the switch.
  4. I sent my N2 in for repair, which I had used the Pen method to jumper. Pioneer replaced the main control board and now it looks like a N3 with out the switch. I am sure I can jumper two of the conductors where the switch would normally be soldered, but which two? I have searched the site for this information and did not find it after looking through 17 pages of posts. If anyone knows the answer please reply. Attached is a photo of the new board with out the switch
  5. Take a look at the Pioneer Navigation Disk Upgrade page, The CNDV-40 disk is gone and the CNDV-50 & CNDV-60 have been moved leaving room for the new CNDV-70. I hope they come out soon so they can be tested to make sure Pioneer hasn't fixed things so the bypasses are nolonger effective. Something to keep our eyes on!!! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/v ... 87,00.html
  6. everyone email pioneer

    That very well may be true, but I can tell you that many peiople have called and email Pioneer about displaying Altitude information on the Avic screens and it has not happened. It is easily done and the information is provided buy the GPS system, but Pioneer has not choosen to display it. I would hope they would be listening to the comsumer and adding features that are "possiable" and affordable.
  7. I talked to Pioneer tech service a week ago and he stated that they usually come out with updates at the begining of a new year and that is what he expected. I also asked if there were any plans to add "elevation" as a new piece of information as it is provided by GPS satellites and not displayed on the N1/N2/N3. To which he replied that there was no plan to add the info. Anyway hopefully there will be a 70mp version in the next few months
  8. Avic-N1 power dies!

    I have read in other forums that if the solder touches the edge of the ground pland just above the two solder points that this exact problem can occur. The ground plane looks like white/off white and is just above the two solder points. if you accendentally managed to short out the jumper (solder points) and this area do what has been suggested and use a solder wick abd try unsoldering it. I am not sure if this causes a permant problem or if once reomved the unit will return to full operation. In the future you might try a liquid circuit pen to draw the connection as it gives you more control over the amount of conductive material you are placing on the circuit board. They are available at radio shack.
  9. Thanks to PaisanNYC who has uploaded he N2 Service manual to Rapid SHare. [url=http://rapidshare.de/files/36074134/Avic-N2_ServiceManual.pdf.html]http://rapidshare.de/files/36074134/Avi ... l.pdf.html[/url] This manual is approximately 37 MB Enjoy
  10. Avic-N2 Service manual

    Thanks PaisanNYC for sending the N2 Service up to Rapidshare, It will be alot easier to download one file instead of 19. I am sure this manual will be of great use to many of us who own these Pioneer Nav units. Thanks Again
  11. Avic-N2 Service manual

    Sorry Nest tile i will ask, I kinda aks in the second posting if there was a way but not directly to you. Next time I will know. Again sorry if causes any problems,
  12. Avic-N2 Service manual

    Avic-N2 Service Manual in 19 Rar files #19 Final File
  13. Avic-N2 Service manual

    Avic-N2 Service Manual in 19 Rar files #18
  14. Avic-N2 Service manual

    Avic-N2 Service Manual in 19 Rar files #17