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  1. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    I'm zoomed all the way. I will have just one single of these stupid icons on my screen. Just the one red square/diamond icon on screen sometimes. It's irritating if i'm looking for my bank or something and now i dont know if its my bank or a 7-11. There has to be a way to correct this! It just started happening after the 2.0 update! So the 2.0 update did something to trigger these stupid icons to begin appearing. GRRRRRR.
  2. Progress Report

    That is the ideal setup for the cam warnings I think too.
  3. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    I did all that and still get those stupid icons. It will literally be the only poi on screen and still be the stupid red diamond in a red square, its really irritating me. Any of the code hackers think they can help with this bug? Please!
  4. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    When i get to that screen i have a zoom in and zoom out slider bar. the zoom in only goes down to 200ft.???
  5. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    I had the branding file before 2.0 and this definetly did NOT happen. Do you think this can be corrected in the data or code files on the avic itself. Like a hack, but a fix instead? Also how do you change the zoom level?
  6. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    I still get those wierd red square/diamond poi right next to real poi's when i'm right next to them. Again totally random, sometimes it will show the correct icon for a poi, sometimes it will be the R.S.D. instead. Are we the only few people getting this result from the branding file? Maybe we should just try a diff/new branding file?
  7. Progress Report

    Do we just add these files to our new 2.0 data.zip and re-zip and add to avic?
  8. Progress Report

    it's wierd i drove through a cam location today, it show's the poi icon for the cam but no on screen or audible warning. Any ideas?
  9. HOW TO: Add US Speedcams W/Warnings

    thats interesting! i guess if you have a good list of cams its ok. How did you get this working w/o messing with the data.zip after upgrading to 2.0? Does it at least show icons for the cams?
  10. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    My unit is showing those red diamond in a red square icon for random pois i have turned on, some show those, some show the ones it should....pretty annoying! I cant decide if the faster boot time and better responsiveness is worth this first of many bugs we are sure to find!
  11. HOW TO: Add US Speedcams W/Warnings

    This is my favorite hack/customiziation. I really hope the members can get this working with 2.0!!!
  12. HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

    After upgrading to fw 2.0 and then again adding the branding file, all poi icons show up fine. The one thing is there is this one icon that is everwhere like the hospital ones used to be, like multiple per block sometimes! Ive spent about 30min searching through my poi's and can't find this damn icon anywhere. It's a red square with a red diamond inside the square. Anyone else have this or know what it is and where to turn it off please tell me! Thanks guys and gals!
  13. Progress Report

    Hey boris are you going to edit/update/post a new data file for post-f/w 2.0 or do you think the old ones are fine to use after we upgrade, to get our hacks/mods back?
  14. HOW TO: Add US Speedcams W/Warnings

    does the file need a specific name?
  15. HOW TO: Add US Speedcams W/Warnings

    Exactly. I only use the 3 west coast cam's. They seem to be pretty accurate! Do you think i could combine the 3 txt files into 1? Or is there some limit?