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  1. 2008 Lincoln MKX VSS

    Can anyone tell me what wire is the VSS wire at the factory Head unit. The HU is a Pioneer AVIC-XD1307ZF for Lincoln MKX. It has a 24 pin connector, 16 pin and 4 pin connector plugged into the unit. I know it is not in the 4 pin connector because when I unplug it the GPS still has speed sense. Unplugging any of the other connectors shut the unit off. I am not trying to grab VSS just from anywhere. I need it at the HU to bypass NAV while moving. Thanks
  2. Can't Eject Cd from tilt position

    I did read the manual and it said to press the open close button. That is the same button that I use to tilt it. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3424/448107275CRB2299A.pdf
  3. I can't for the life of who-a figure out how to return my z2/z3 faceplate to the normal position after having it in tilt mode. I press the eject button, I hold it in, I double tap it but it just tilt back and forth. I am trying to open it to take out a cd but have been unable to after I had it in tilt mode. any hlep would be appreciated. thanks
  4. Custom Background Gallery

    Can someone make a background with Jamaican flag and Cadillac Crest for an 06 Escalade EXT? Thanks
  5. Z2 Auto Dimmer

    Thanks, it say illumination on in the hardware screen so I will set to automatic. Thanks
  6. Z2 Auto Dimmer

    I thought i did, I am using a gmos-04 interface and it has an illumination and a dimmer wire. I hooked the Ill wire up but I will double check to make sure as I need to take it all apart again for a remote start install. Thanks
  7. Z2 Auto Dimmer

    Does the Z2 automatically dim at night like regular Nav units? All my portable and OEM units dim the background at night, but my Z2 does not. Thanks
  8. NAV dimmer

    Why does my nav unit not auto dim at night. I have a Z2 installed in a 06 Escalade EXT using the Gmos-04 interface. I have the illumination wire hooked up and the dimmer wire taped off because there was none. Thanks
  9. Quick DTV converter question

    They have one there for 200km/p.
  10. Z2 Shutdown

    Is it just me or is there no way to shut down the Z2. I just put one in my 06 Escalade EXT but unlike the factory stereo (had button to shut off) I can't turn it off. It powers on with that RAP crap when i unlock my door and its getting annoying. Thanks
  11. Quick DTV converter question

    an not sure a regular off the shelf/store antenna will get you good reception while in motion. I had a diversity antenna setup in mine but of course it will be useless in a few months (I got rid of it). I am looking for a dtv solution but yet to find one one that does any good while moving. Maybe someone else here know where we can find a decent antenna. sorry, I could't help much
  12. PAC-SWI-PS, Z-3 and a Lincoln Aviator

    I just installed this in my lade and I programmed the Prog button to change av source since its just one button. I then use the source button to run through presets since its an up/down. Volume and seek or track up/down was programmed as usual. Basically you can program the buttons to your preference, I would reprogram the unit. I think maybe your avaitor buttons a little different than mine but should not matter as you can programed the pac to whatever button you want.
  13. Avic-N3 - PAC-SWI-PS Install

    Lu Scola, I had lots of issues as well until I realize that green wire on the left is the wrong wire. There is more than one green wire, its the thicker of the two. It programmed and worked flawless in my lade after that. I programmed the prog button as my source since the source option is not up/down, i then program the source to do preset up/down. hope this helps
  14. 2006 Escalade EXT Wiring

    just need the reverse wire now as i just bought the gm interface that comes with VSS wire. If i get lucky it might have the reverse wire in it too. thanks
  15. can someone point me to the VSS and Reverse Signal wire? Thanks Much