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  1. Did you find an alternative unit that you enjoy more?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I ordered a 4201nex and will test it out. Based on the negative things I've read about performance, my expectations aren't the highest. I'm curious though and will report back.
  3. Really? No one has tried this? Can i bump this and ask a favor of a user out there to test this for me? Any other pre-purchase suggestions to get an answer on this? Any help appreciated.
  4. Hello All. Looking to get an 8200NEX but have a question about using audio sources while using android auto. In 2017 ford models, i was able to stream bt audio to the sync system while using android auto for nav. I run a custom rom on my phone and i guess it allows me to continue to use my phone while its hooked up to android auto. I use poweramp to play from my androids locally stored music collection and really like this. I also want android auto nav. Will this pioneer system let me do this like ford sync does?
  5. Hi All. Been lurking here for awhile and recently ran into an issue with my unit. I have the latest firmware and some common mods installed. Recently, i let my garage queen R32s battery run down over the winter months. So badly in fact that I killed the battery. I replaced it with an Optima and finally bought a battery tender to avoid this problem in the future. My problem is that I have noticed that my F900 now needs the passenger door to be opened to kill the headunit when powering the car off. It used to be that opening the driver door did the trick. Anyone have any idea what may have caused this? I havent done any software mods and it seems that the dead battery situation was the catalyst in this issue.
  6. Verizon Storm and F90BT

    I am running .113 too. And thank god. I have been repeatedly dissapointed with this phone since I got it. I think it pretty sad that it has taken 4 months to get to .113 its finally relatively useful. It still needs to be faster IMHO as well as the color depth improved. In december i think I was running .90 and my contacts would sync with myF90T but I havent tried it in awhile. Ill let you know when I try it with .113.
  7. Verizon Storm and F90BT

    What OS are you running on your storm?
  8. frustrated need help

    I think this should be stickied. I am helplessly searching for the specific location of where to paste the modded data.zip files on my headunit. Ive been looking around CE but cant find a place.
  9. Verizon Storm and F90BT

    A merged to my Storm from a Treo 700P with a full keyboard and i must admit that it took a little time to get used to the touchscreen keyboard. I am getting better and better with it. Ive had the storm for about 2 weeks now. I like it and will no be returning it. It definately has some bugs and will hang here and there but i am sure RIM will just make it better and better as time goes on. BTW storm guys, i enabled mass storage mode and hooked it up to my Ft900 and it reads it as a hard drive AND charges it. Bonus!
  10. Verizon Storm and F90BT

    Hey Storm guys. I have a storm too but have not paired it to my F900 yet. I have 2 questions about using the storm with our headunits. 1 Has anyone tried using it as a external hard drive? The storm has a mass storage support option that allows it to be used as an external HD from the micro sd and also its internal gig. Ill try this this weekend and report back. Also, does the Ft900 support bluetooth stereo? I would be pretty cool to play mp3s from my storm through my ft900 over bluetooth.