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  1. Overscan and Mirroring Issues

    Hey Guys, Im sorry if this is the wrong forum but since pioneer updated its site with Galaxy Note3 support, I noticed I still have the same issue with my head unit. if I touch the screen the screen res cannot be handled or something. If I turn off the appradio app, the resolution is just fine and no issues which eliminates the MHL adaptor. Any ideas what this could be outside of an app update issue? Thanks all for any help available. SG
  2. OK so I just fixed my deck detecting the iphone and now I have my android. Just installed the pioneer android connection kit (CDAH200C) and the S3 is not connected. Im assuming that the MHL cable within this kit doesnt work? I have to buy one that supports samsung? Anyone else have this setup or do only iphone users use this deck? Thanks guys. SG
  3. Hey thanks JazJon...that worked great!! Thats what it was. Much appreciated.
  4. Downgrade from 8.30?

    I have the same issue. Can you downgrade? I screwed up and upgraded blindly.
  5. Guys need some major help. I did the latest update to the appradio 2 and now the deck will not recognize my iphone at all. It charges fine but nothing else. No ipod lights up no apps no nothing. If i manually start the app it still sits there waiting to sync. Please help...radio is useless at this point. Thank you all.
  6. Appradio2 and Andriod Confusion

    LOL yea well they sell whatever sells man. So all I need is the samsung HDMI adaptor and bluetooth connectivity? Then I can use that Andoind App to do full control on the phone right? Do I have to root the phone to get it to work properly?
  7. Hey Guys, I have an iphone 3GS running 5.1.1 running the old appradio extensions for 5.1.1 but when I plug in the iphone it starts charging, the radio ecognizes the phone is there and I can click on the apps button but the appradio app doesnt seem to care and sits with the icon to plug in the app radio. Im running the latest version of appradio with the old extensions...thinking they arent compatable but I wanted to post before I actually do an update to 6.1.3 with the latest extensions. Anyway, any help is appreciated. Cheers,
  8. Hi all, I cant find any information on this. Can someone clarify for me please? I have recently switched from using an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S3 but I am not getting any integration with my app radio. When I read the install guide, I see mention of an HDMI cable...but the appradio app connects via bluetooth also...Im utterly confused. What do I need to get the appradio working again? Can I get away with only using a bluetooth connection or do I need to rip out my app radio and put in a new cable (what is it that I need to put in)? Thanks for any help. SG
  9. Android compatability

    Hey guys sorry I'm a but of a stooge on this also but I used to have an iPhone 4s cable installed and now got a sgs3. Do I need to just get the mhl cable and run ARliberator and that's it? Having a real hard time understanding what I need. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Where do donations go? Amazing work.
  11. Gmusic is an appradio supported app? It's not in the apps section yet on the unit!
  12. ok Thats why its not finding my update file. Thanks alot Tom. I read back about the Navigon items and found the repo. I updated and its all good now. Mike I cant use Siri to send a text message however....is this coming? iPhone 4S Appradio 2 iOS ver 6.1 Appradio version ??? No idea.
  13. And I still cant find the firmware I am running on appradio 2. Anyone able to tell me where it is? Apparently its not under settings...no option for that.
  14. ok now I feel retarded too...I have the issue where I want to run Navigon but theres a message saying a licensing issue prevents navigon from displaying on the appradio. Do I need a cracked version of Appradio or something? Thanks guys,