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  1. You're welcome. For basic operation, you only need setting.ui and setting_800_480.ui (these let you turn on speedcam functionality). Or you can turn speedcams on in SYS.TXT. Then you may want placeXXX.ui (you need both files in most cases) that lets you add new or edit existing cameras. I don't think I did anything beyond basic cleanup to speedcamXXX.ui files -- they are in fine condition as is, because the functionality is in Euro version of AVIC. However, you do NOT want KML files. Those will work as normal POIs, not as speedcameras. In the speedcam thread I've posted a program t
  2. BorisM Would you please let me know if I ONLY want speedcam and redlight warning, what are the script files I need to modify? If I read the thread right, I assume place800_480.ui setting800_480.ui and speedcam800_480.ui are the only files I need to mod. However, is it possible to state which parts? Thanks. Then adding "leetcoder"'s .kml POIs will work? Thank you so much.
  3. Fonts file is here and please copy to the SD card This is a .cab installation file for Asian characters. It contains a font file and a Asian wince.nls file and some settings. Font file: It's Google DroidSansFallback.ttf fonts from Google Phone. It supports and is limited to Traditional Chinese, Simplied Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If you want to display language other than these, please refer other's thread here for referance. wince.nls file: Current default wince.nls file in the system doesn't support Asian language setting and also wince.nls is hidden so that it's not that stra
  4. can I make one of the quick button as phonebook contacts? if yes, may I have the code for hyperlink? Thank you.
  5. It works for MingLiU (Chinese Characters) for file names and folder names. However, some information such as ID3 Tag like album and song names do not display correctly. Maybe we should modify the default language to corresponding one of the system. I heard wince.nls (/windows) may be replaced by other languages' however, it is hidden in this pioneer system. And no idea any much further.
  6. hi, 1) as everyone knows, we can add pins when we are at map confirmation page. And the manual says it could be deleted when your map confirmation page includes that pin again. However, the truth on my system is the option of "delete pins" never pops-up even the map is with that pin. Does anyone have idea how to fix that? It's sometimes annoyed it's always shown there. I have been tried adding another pin on the map it already has one. So that the second pin shows the different color at the same map. At this time, "delete pins" pops-up and I clicked it. However, it only deleted the se
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