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  1. Thanks. The diagrams was very helpful. I appreciate the help.
  2. I pulled out a few wires for both RCA connectors to make it easier to install in a previous car. Now I'm going to install the unit in another car but need some of the wires connected back to the RCA connectors but I'm not sure which pin the wires connect into. Does anyone happen to know? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just removed my AVICZ-1 from my other car into a 2006 Toyota 4Runner and I'm experiencing the exact same problem as listed in this post. When I turn on the radio, the sound comes in perfect, however, when I turn on the library or a CD, the sound comes in very staticky and I can barerly hear it. I'm assuming there's a connection that needs to be made to enable the sound. My previous car had an amp and I connected the blue/white wire to the correct terminal, however, the 4runner i own is the stock radio without an amp. Seeing that this is the only wire that isn't plugged in, could it be th
  4. Yea i have changed it to auto answer but I like to deny calls whenever I don't feel like speaking to someone. Is there any way around this?
  5. Phone: Samsung A640 Provider: Sprint Just to clarify, the bluetooth does work and I can talk through my car speakers. It's just that when the phne call comes in it shows up on my screen for a second and then goes away. If I'm fast enough I could press the green button to answer the phone and it works, but If I miss it I have to open my cell to answer it and then I can talk through my car speakers. I don't know if it has something to do with my phone settings or the AVIC.
  6. Does anyone know why when receiving a call the call comes up initially on my screen and then goes away and states disconnected. If I flip open my cell the call then works through the speakers. I just can't seem to answer the phone from the touch screen of the AVIC. The caller ID only pops up for a split second and then goes away.
  7. reverse wire is a blue wire that can be found in the back (drivers side) of the trunk.
  8. I just completed the install in my 2006 LX Sonata. The Scosche Dash Kit that you bought is the same one that i used. The metal clip that protrudes from the factory radio will not be needed. I tried to incorpate that into the AVICZ1, but the AVIC needs to go further back. The unit will rest on the piece of metal (not the metal clip) and will be held by side plates that come with your Scosche kit. I didn't feel to comfortable about the way the unit was resting on the metal piece so i duck taped the metal piece for cushion. As far as the extra room on the top and bottom, I used foam to fill
  9. Thanks for all your help. I was able to get everything installed yesterday. System is awesome. I'm really considering getting the tv tuner. I plan on uploading pictures of the entire process for anyone else who has a 2006 sonata. Thanks again.
  10. I will be completing my installation hopefully this weekend and wanted to go over two things: 1. I'll be using the Scosche HY05 Car Stereo Wiring Harness, can I assume based on what the wiring harness says is the correct wire. The reason I bring this up is because the wires inside the car have completely different colors then that of the HY05 wire harness. when connected. 2. When grounding, is it okay to connect the chasis ground with the parking brake and bypass wire all together? Or should they all be grounded separately? Thanks for any feedback.
  11. I'll be using the following: I have the Premium stereo in my Sonata Scosche HY05 Car Stereo Wiring Harness Scosche HY1609 Car Stereo Installation Kit Thanks again
  12. Hey, thanks for your fast response. I'll be sure to get picks once my set up is complete, most likely next weekend as i am waiting for my harness. Thanks.
  13. I am attaching some photos. Please take a look, because PIN#6 is a white wire. That's if I'm reading it right. One the actual harness there are numbers ranging from 1-18. There is a yellow wire on pin#6 if you were to read the wires from right to left, however the actual number on the harness states #3. ?????? Thanks for your help so far cntrylvr79. Any more insight is greatly appreciatted.
  14. It is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX. Thanks for any help
  15. I am trying to locate the speed sensor through the data link connector. I have found the data link connector in my car but don't know what pin# or color wire it is? I have attached a picture of the diagram. Is it pin # 6?? Also what does .3Y and MO5 mean? Thanks for any insight.
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