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  1. How big of an SD card have you got to work?

    What brand? http://www.integralmemory.com
  2. How big of an SD card have you got to work?

    32 Gb works fine on my F700BT
  3. Group buy euro 3.0 update?

    me too
  4. upgrade f700 to f900 ?

    Thanks for making that clear gentlemen
  5. upgrade f700 to f900 ?

    Hi I'm quite new to car audio equipment, and I wondered if F700 units can be flashed to F900 (for scientific purpose of course) ? I understand there are some hardware differences (like speed sensor), but i guess some features like DVD playing could be enabled on F700 ?
  6. Can anyone confirm he has actually been able to use A2DP (aka audio streaming) with a F-series unit ? My car radio vendor told me it was possible, but Pioneer lists it as an option only for AVIC-X3II ...