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  1. Cheapest legal official 3.0 update

    Well they were $1 nicer to you, offered $40, countered $51. Looking forward to hopefully not finding my way on to an off ramp that doesnt exist on the old map... that was fun
  2. What's the best microphone?

    PR2626 I just bought one off ebay from the UK. Will update when it arrives. Dude .. I bought the "PR2627 Parrot Twin Mic Microphone MKi9100, MKi9200" from a english firm on eBay also .. received it roughly 10 days later .. and I tell you what .. its the greatest thing. Far better than the stock mic (I have an AVIC-F700BT) .. here is the link to the UK company that is selling these on eBay .. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/DriveSaferDirect_Parrot_W0QQ_fsubZ1567706018QQ_sidZ777345888QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em322 I had actually called Parrot and asked about that mic, they told me the unit had to be built to use the dual mic specifically, so I forgot about it. Is it a standard plug or two or what? Are both mic's working or just one? Have you tried any other mic's to compare it to? Thanks
  3. External GPS antenna for F500BT

    Buy.com has them for $19.99 shipped!
  4. External GPS antenna for F500BT

    Thanks for the update, that was a close one I've been shopping around all afternoon lol
  5. backup camera recommendations for f90bt

    Cool, thanks for the info
  6. External GPS antenna for F500BT

    Did you ever try to use the included wire GPS intenna to see if that helped? Did you go for the straight or right angle MCX connector? Any issues with the mount interferring with it?
  7. External GPS antenna for F500BT

    Oh, and where did you wind up putting it? I was just thinking as far forward on the dash in the center of the windshield as I could. Don't want to try roof mounting, think that is good enough?
  8. External GPS antenna for F500BT

    Nice, good to hear! Where did you wind up getting the antenna from & for how much? Where did you do your research on the different types? Thanks for the recomendation!
  9. backup camera recommendations for f90bt

    What's the Bing discount?
  10. AVIC-X Series 3.0 Firmware Update

    I asked a few pages ago with no responce. I doubt it though as the F500BT has different SW than any of the in dash models do, and there is no X variant of it. We will have to get the actual 3.0 update, not an X series OS copyover.
  11. AVIC-X Series 3.0 Firmware Update

    Don't suppose anyone found the files for the F500BT, since there is no X equivalent for it.
  12. AVIC-X Series 3.0 Firmware Update

    1: Update WinCE version but not quite like http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php? ... nu#p172862 tells you. You use the WinCE update from the 3.0 X Series update from the Pioneer website not the one from that thread. Update without format option and after you update you skip everything after on that thread because it tells you how to do a full recovery not just a update. on a side note to that thread to enter service mode you hold down Menu,Map,Eject then tap reset and it seems to go right into service mode (blue screen that says push reset) Instead of pushing reset you then put in the code from that thread. 2: Using the new testmode 2.3, moved the old APL to APL.bak, and copied over the 3.0 version 3: Inside the APL 2 folder replace the ezrider file with the hacked ezrider from this thread http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25289 otherwise you may get stuck at "system loading" and maps will not work. Everything else in the APL2 folder stays the same until the new iGo is hacked. I hope this helps. I am quite happy so far to have menus that respond when i push them now. I just bought my unit last week from Best Buy and was quite upset i would have to pay 60-100$+ just to update my brand new system. I would love to get new maps too but i am pretty happy with the results so far. Next i think i am going to see if i can get rid of those annoying Caution screens after this update. Thank you for the clarification!
  13. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    For all the helpless people http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25487
  14. What's the best microphone?

    Thanks for the input! I'll check it out.
  15. What's the best microphone?

    Anyone have input?