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  1. Who wants new NavTeq 2009Q2 USA/Canada maps...?

    Nice, thanks!
  2. Who wants new NavTeq 2009Q2 USA/Canada maps...?

    These seem to be password protected. Does anyone know the passwords.
  3. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a "user guide" of sorts for this mod. I am still trying to figure out all the little gems like the trip calc while navigating, how to access the screen with the speedo in the middle, etc.
  4. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Thank you Sir!
  5. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    What speed cam/red light camera files are you guys using in the US? Do I just copy the files called Red_Light_Camera_us and Speed_Trap, or do I need the font files too?
  6. avic-f90bt

  7. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Simple, The Avic has only 2 gb of space on it so you cannot put the entire NT map on it as the size for the entire map is about 900 mb and you probably have only 200 mb left. Just install the map that you want to u7se such as, if you live in NY, only install the NY map. I live in Canada, and the map size is aprox 70 mb, so I was able to fit the entire Canada map on there but nothing else. If you want to go outside the map area, just switch back to TA Perfect! Thanks for the help. I got it going. I just put in IL, IN, and WI since those are the three I drive through regularly. IDT, this is a GREAT mod!!! I will give it the full work out this weekend when I drive around. Thanks you for all the hard work on this!
  8. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Maybe I'm missing something, but, I can't get the map changer to work. I created a new folder and named it maps_nt and copied the file. I downloaded the NT maps from another thread, but, I can't get them to fit on the AVIC. What am I doing wrong?
  9. GTIMatt still around? Update mod to 3.0?

    I am using the jr. mod and I love it. It has everything I want except the speed limit sign, house number, and speedcam warning. Can someone add that without the other stuff?
  10. Need 2.XXX Flashdisk

    I saw that. I managed to get it updated to the official 3.02. I was running the X Series hack, but, since I still had warranty left and paid for the official update, I thought that I would use it. I also put the Keeper 6 in 1 mod on to try it out. I was running IDT's in the X series. At this point, I would like to see GTI's mods on 3.0
  11. Need 2.XXX Flashdisk

    Thanks! I am downloading it as we speak. I have the US unit and am downloading the F90BT files
  12. Need 2.XXX Flashdisk

    Ok. I did a backup of My Flashdisc before upgrading to X Series 3.0. I then backed up the new flashdisk after upgrading. In the process I deleted the original backup of 2.0 and now need it to upgrade to the official 3.0 which I purchased from Pioneer. Where can I get my hands on the entire 2.0?
  13. official 3.0 update with pictures and information

    What differences do you see between the official update and the X series hack that we are running? I have the official update sitting here, just not sure that i want to deal with all the hassle. Will IDT's mods still work in the official upgrade?
  14. IDT skin#1 v5.5 03/02/10 9download link to be updated)

    I agree. Take some time off. Thanks for all the work.
  15. You could be using the wrong testmode file. There are two floating around, one for 2.0, 2.01 and one for 2.006, 3.xxxx