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  1. They shorted the electrical system (jumped the starter battery lead to ground, popped fuses and breakers shutting everything off including the alarm), broke the back window and climbed in the slider. Had to be a little runt to fit through. Ripped the dash apart, unclipped the harness but ripped the other wires off the back of the unit. Left the XM and HD radio adapters as well as the back up camera. I'm unemployed so recently raised my deductible to $1000 and canceled the electronics and rental car coverage. The repair bill, not including replacement of the unit is $884, putting the stock ster
  2. You can play movies from USB and SD for sure. I run Diaftia's mod on mine, I have also done all the upgrades. You can upgrade it to F710 with no problem. I have upgraded mine to the 900BT series with software and it does everything the 900BT series will do BUT dvd video. $200 is a great deal on this unit.
  3. I just took a short trip with this mod over Pioneer's U.S./Canada version 3.02002 update on and F700BT. Everything worked great! Really like the changes and the trip computer was used several times. Great work!!
  4. I have the Pioneer 3.02002 for the US in my hand right now, and installed on my F700bt about 2 weeks ago. Yes, I purchased it from Pioneer, it came with the new maps. I can get into test mode no problem, and I am running Diaftia's mod. Just came back from a trip to Charlotte, N.C. (from and back to NE Florida). The only problem was a 32Gig memory stick full of music, the unit didn't want to read it (imagine that). Otherwise the U.S. and Canada version 3.02002 IS available and works fine.
  5. The latest Pioneer update for the F series IS 3.02002. I just purchased and updated my unit with it over a week ago.
  6. Dragonrep


    Is there a benefit to installing the x910 update over the F model's 3.02? It is a lower revision number, but being a different model I didn't know if there would be any improvements over the newest software. Sorry I haven't been keeping up here, my wife is in the hospital.
  7. I just loaded the mod on an F700BT with the 3.02 U.S. update, works great!! I love the new options and accessibility.
  8. Dragonrep


    I just installed the Pioneer update CNSD-100FM for American and Candian F90, F900, F700 and F710. The software number is version 3.02.
  9. I am having a similar problem. I have downloaded a couple images from this forum, some show the right size in preview, but then when the splash screen shows is smaller than the screen by about 1/2.
  10. I figured that's what I would be looking at from reading the posts, but I wasn't sure the video would be compatable.
  11. Dragonrep

    F700Bt Video

    I have a DVD player installed in the rear seat of my truck, with video and audio outputs. Could I run this signal to the F700 and display the video and audio through the AV Source (I-Pod) connection?
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