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  1. D3 Stealth Faceplate

    so does the one on ebay seem to fit?? thats kinda directed to those who ordered it already..
  2. Avic F90BT Reboots When Hot

    i just let my car sit out today and it was about 90 outside. i got in the car to drive this afternoon and the unit doesnt produce any sound. later found out, that sound plays only when the turn signals are on....figure that one out...
  3. mines doing the same thing. when i turn the car on now all of a sudden i get the splash screen for 10-15 seconds then black screen/black buttons. i believe i can get into test mode (if thats the blue screen with white writing) but if i dont make choices fairly quickly the screen just goes black again. im not that great with this kind of stuff so i didnt really understand the steps listed like 2 posts above and i dont really have anything on my unit except my personal settings so is there a need to back it up? im just a lil confused.

    where are you getting those files in step 2, i cant find them in the above link? and can i format the sd card on my laptop? my f90bt just started trying to boot today and gets a black screen and buttons after 10-15 seconds on the boot up screen and im hoping this can fix it.
  5. ive had mine since december and it was working fine last night, got in the car this morning and i get boot up screen for 10 seconds then black like everyone else. mines still under the 2 year warranty so now i dont know whether to send it back or try the restore that seems to have been mentioned. has everyone that has done the restore not had any problems since? also a link to the walkthrough of the restore for the 2.0 software would be greatly appreciated. im pretty new to the forum and am still trying to figure stuff out.
  6. Bluetooth 3.3 update

    can someone post the the newest version for the U.S. model...is this it: Version: HW100-SW290 RC3
  7. hardware bypass mod Q (searched)

    so you guys are saying that im gonna have to turn down my radio manually when i use onstar huh? i didnt notice that caz i didnt have anything playing when i tested the onstar. o well im only gonna have onstar for another 6 months anyway.
  8. hardware bypass mod Q (searched)

    what kind of car is this? i have an 08 cobalt with premium sound and onstar and didnt use the mute wire and my onstar still works fine....
  9. Need more a/v cables

    The two models of the PS3 currently in production no longer have backward compatibility with PS2 games. more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3#Retail_configurations i got on of the original ps3, the 60gb i believe mine is. im pretty sure mine plays ps2 games. havent tried in a while. but i think thats right that the older ones have the backwards compatiblity and the new ones dont.
  10. Need more a/v cables

    im sure they make a cable for the old one. if not you could just get a power converter that you plug into the cig lighter and has a regular prong input on the other side. or just buy a slim since there like $50 bucks now on ebay. thats what i did. now i have an old one and a slim unfortunately
  11. Need more a/v cables

    C'MON!!! Wear a helmet I do have to ask though, why even bother with PS2 if you have PS3? PS3 plays PS2 games. lol yea can you imagine pulling up next to me at light. me whereing a helmet and my passenger swinging their arms wildly. im gonna bother with the ps2 caz i plan on mounting it for the long term in there. the ps3 i'll just add for like long trips since i use the ps3 elsewhere. plus its a big unit.
  12. f900bt rebooting continiously

    hey i noticed someone on the second page noted that their unit started saying "system startup in progess" with the 2.0 update.... mine says that too when its starting up and it supposedly have the 2.0 update. at least thats what it says on the box. is it supposed to say that when it starts up if you have the update. it still takes mine a good 30 or so seconds to start up.
  13. Avic F Backgrounds Question

    does the picture have to be a certain size for the f series? and does this pic only appear as the boot up pic or will it be the background for things like the cd player too? if not can you change the background for things like the cd player? again i dont have my operations disc with me and im trying to learn as much as i can before i get home.
  14. Need more a/v cables

    as far as the playstation/xbox/wii arguement...while i agree that wii would be badass im not trying to get punched while driving haha. im probably gonna mount a ps2 under the passenger seat or under the passenger foot well and switch between that and a ps3.
  15. Need more a/v cables

    will that work? i know that the avic has like 2 input selector boxes on the screen and right now i have the first one labeled as "ipod". but i wasnt sure if the avic would distingish between 2 different things since their both coming in through the same a/v cables. wouldnt there be conflicting signals? guess that could work if only one was on at a time but i dont wanna have to unplug the ipod in the glove box since it is on all the time just to turn on the playstation.