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  1. Free 70-mtp disks

    What model are you using? My D1 still works fine with the same bypass that has been documented for years.
  2. Free 70-mtp disks

    OK, I had to use a variety of tools to get a good, complete, working disk with custom wallpapers injected. A lot more work than the CNDV-60 disk. First off..remember that your PIMs need to be in 8.3 format and in all CAPS. I mounted the MDS with Daemon tools. Then I used UltraISO to create a new ISO. For some reason Ultra throws an application exception when trying to open the CNDV-70 .MDS file directly. In the new ISO The directories underneath the BG directory were 0 byte files instead of directories with files. The only thing I found that would see them as directories with files was IZArc. There were a few other files in other directories that did the same thing (\point\sound\ I think). So I opened the MDS file with IZArc and extracted the BG directory and injected that into the ISO file I created with Ultra. Then I injected my custom PIMs into the PIM2DIN folder. What I found was that the AVIC (D1 anyway) will only display the first 15 PIMS (alphabetically) in this directory. Any others in the PIM2DIN directory don't show up. You can add more PIMs to the PIMANIM2 directory (that are not animated) but they don't seem to display with the right resolution. HTH
  3. Free 70-mtp disks

    So mount the MDS/MDF with Daemon tools, make a new ISO from it w/ UltraISO and inject the backgrounds into that new ISO right? If so I'll give it a whirl. Would this essentially be the same as extracting the files out of MagicISO (which shows all the files) and creating a new ISO from the extracted files w/ Ultra? The DVD doesn't need to be bootable or anything stupid like that?
  4. Free 70-mtp disks

    This is pissing me off. I can burn the MDF to a DL DVD fine with Alcohol 120 so I know the image is good but when I open it in UltraISO I get a memory violation. When I open it in MagicISO I get the problem where the subdirectories under BG don't show up and if I add the directories/jpg's and pim's to it the DVD I end up with, the AVIC doesn't like. If I open it in IZArc I see the correct file structure but I can't inject any files into it for some reason. So I have a working OEM DVD but I've been unsuccessful in adding any custom backgrounds. I took the DVD I made from the MDF and couldn't see the BG subdirectiories in Explorer. I made another ISO out of it and when I open it in MagicISO I can't see anything under BG but when I open it in IZArc I can, but of course it won't let me add any files!!!
  5. Free 70-mtp disks

    Answer: Alcohol can't inject files into the ISO. ...but it is in the process of burning the MDF I got from the torrent so that tells me there's something wrong with the version of UltraISO I'm using (, assuming the disk burns to completion.
  6. Free 70-mtp disks

    Having a bit of a problem getting this to work. I downloaded the west torrent, un-rar'ed it, DL'ed UltraISO and when I try to open the MDS file UltraISO throws an access violation. I accidentally whacked my torrent and the associated RAR so all I have left is the MDx files. How do I check the CRC? Re-DL'ing the torrent now but apparently there aren't as many seeders because it says it's going to take 12 days. Will Alcohol allow you to inject custom backgrounds?
  7. Use the new Java PIM converter (sticky). Mucho better color and no transparency.
  8. Removing wires from harness

    Ditto. I fiddled with some very small screwdrivers and a paperclip for a while and gave up. It came out with a decent yank.
  9. colored bar at top of av screen....

    BTW the bar takes up ~50 pixels of the 240 pixel screen height. Good to know when creating backgrounds. Cheers.
  10. AVIC-D2 not displaying white

    Check out the sticky about the JAVA based PIM converter.
  11. AVIC-D2 not displaying white

    Same here. I think I read that this is just something we have to live with. I'm going to try changing all the white in my backgrounds to just a shade darker than white.
  12. CNDV-60M disc for US... where can I find it?

    I got a hold of UltraISO which read the .MDS and .MDF files and allowed me to inject the PIM files I wanted. So I'm all set thanks to the forum although the backgrounds I created didn't come out as good as I had hoped. I need to play around with GIMP some more. I'm going to continue to seed the west disk and if anyone posts an east disk torrent I'll seed that as well. I can burn copies of the west disk for any forum members who want one. I figure $12 covers the dual layer DVD, shipping and labor. It won't have anything fancy on the label.
  13. CNDV-60M disc for US... where can I find it?

    So I got the image from the west torrent but it looks to be in 120% alcohol format. Are there any freeware/shareware tools I can open this with and inject the pim files? I tried isobuster which reads it but it doesn't want to let me insert my files. DVD Decryptor doesn't want to open it and neither will Nero Express 6.
  14. D1 with 1.2 navi disk and bypass: Going down the freeway the other day and decided to plot out a route. Going down the highway it tells me for every flippin' exit "In 7/10ths of a mile, stay left". I can't imagine how annoying this would be on a long trip! I can't find anywhere to change this behavior. I have downloaded the CNDV-60 disk and am going to upgrade as soon as my DL DVD burner gets here and am hoping that this will change.
  15. CNDV-60M disc for US... where can I find it?

    I'm helping to seed the West disk. Only adding another 300 kb but doing my part to help. :wink: I have not verified the torrent as I just ordered my dual layer DVD burner. [quote name="Creef412"]Sorry to post so much but it seems there are two new torrents for CNDV-60MP discs. East: [url=http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3509074]http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3509074[/url] and West: [url=http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3508455]http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3508455[/url] Good Luck to all! Creef412[/quote]