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  1. AVIC D2 and D3 wiring harness

    I am looking to move from a D2 to a D3 (just a commuter vehicle and getting a good deal on the D3). Do the D2 and 3 use the same harness are will I need to re-wire. The D2 has XM and Nav installed. Thanks.
  2. AVIC-D2 owner thinking of upgrading to the 90BT, but....

    I have the same questions as above. The outer edges of my screen on my D2 have died so I am looking to upgrade. Are the wiring harnesses compatibale?
  3. CNDV-70MTP Discs in Hand

    Disc work great!!!!

    fatboy - there is no coverage is Stafford, as for the I-95 situation, that is rare. I have found if I plot a route and it uses any part of the Beltway, I get good results. Also, I have found that the instant traffic reports update a little faster then the maps so between the two I have no issues

    I don't know how bad the roads are in Nashville but in the DC Metro area it has been a life saver. Updates come rather quickly
  6. CNDV-70M Discs

    Checking in to see what the progress was on getting the 70 series disc made/loaded/accessible? Thanks.
  7. CNDV-70M Discs

    Count me in if someone would be nice enough to make some copies. Lord knows I have been trying unsucessfully to make copies of my 60 series disc, but that's enough story.
  8. Updated disc for D2

    Does anyone have a clue of when the updated disc will appear for sale? I have checked the Pioneer site and talked to folks their and at Crutchfield and they have no idea. Thanks
  9. CES 2007

    From that demo I am glad I got a D2 while they were still available. iPod integration is a decent feature but I can't see giving up an adjustable screen and a dedicated navi slot to get it. I'll be waiting for the updated nav disk for my D2
  10. Succesful Z1 Install VW Passat 2003

    Nice install
  11. Looking for nissan backgrounds.

    Not a SE-R but gave it a shot. And for the record, I can make these things but I am still unable to create a copy of the east coast DVD for the D2. Undaunted, I will head to Office Depot for another rack of double layer DVD+RW and try again.
  12. How do you take the pins out of the wire connector on the ,,

    Just give it a good firm tug and it pops out. Grab the wire close the where it enters the harness and you will be fine
  13. Creating nav DVD

    Thanks for the heads up. I have been using Dual Layer DVD. I will do a search for Alchol on Google and give that a shot Thanks.
  14. Creating nav DVD

    ok. I have blown through a 5 pack of DVD+R (luckily they were on sale) with no luck at creating a Navi disk. So here is my questions a. After using DVD Decrypter, I have two files (CPJ1175_1_A.ISO and CPJ1175_1_A.MDS). Are these the correct files for the East Coast DVD? b. I open the ISO in MagicISO, make the changes to the appropriate files (changing the BG2OPEN.JPG and adding a couple of PIMs). I save this file. Should I make this ISO a "bootable image?" c. I open Nero, insert a dual-layer DVD, drop the files onto the DVD and burn. d. I get DIDDLY!!! NADA!!! ZIP!!!! When I load the DVD into my D2. Please help. Thanks.
  15. AVIC D3 is here

    Then updated maps will have to do. I will be using the iPod as a video source anway.