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  1. adding asian fonts

  2. 2011 CNSD-210FM Update Announced

    Anyone know where i can get it in canada­
  3. U310 Harness compatible with X910?

    Hello I'm abt to swap out the U310 for a X910. I'm wondering if the harness for power, ground and speakers NOT the RCA one would be compatible. I'm just too lazy to redo all the wiring thats why and it'll save me sometime to work on something else. Thanks in advance!
  4. Asian fonts?

    Hello have anyone tries installing Asian fonts on this one?
  5. Which cable for iPod?

    Hello Everyone I'm about to purchase the U310 for my winter car. U have a Z110 on my summer car and I want to know, do I need to have the CD-IU50V or I could use any iPod->USB cable to have full control of iPod? Thx!
  6. adding asian fonts

    Sure! Let's send them a email. Can u post the email address plz?
  7. adding asian fonts

    Man... I wonder if anyone would one day come up with this....
  8. Region hack??

    does anyone know if I could make it "all region"? or it will be fixed to one region until I change it again. If so, do I have a limit like most PC drives? THANKS!
  9. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    nth shows up... damn
  10. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    i just tried it once i plug it into my Z and pressed video on screen it shows me option of Video playlists just like it used to be... Is it suppose to switch to the iPhone's screen out automatically?
  11. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    oups sorry I mean I'm using TV OUT Landscape (4got to write the whole thing)~
  12. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    ya I'm using TV OUT is there sth in particular I need to press on the iPod Video screen on the Z?
  13. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    Oh ic I tried it this morning with no success Is there anything is particular I need to do? I activated TV OUT, ran an app and nth appears on my Z... Thanks in advance!
  14. how to transfer contacts with an iPhone...?

    oh 2 bad well when I wanna call someone when I'm driving, the faster the better~ Thanks
  15. Jailbroken iPhone + TVOut

    are you connecting with the IU50V cable or a composite cable in AV1? Thanks