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  1. hemiuk

    TTS Files?

    Oh ok thanks still dont think Ill load them though english works just fine for me lol
  2. hemiuk

    TTS Files?

    Hi guys just a quick one for you, I got two cd's with my F10BT (UK version of Z110BT) one is the user manual and the other has TTS FILES writen on the front, any ideas? would be kind of strange to have an update disc with a new unit, so as yet I havent put it in cheers
  3. hemiuk

    Region hack??

    Not a problem Gino, thats what were here for, not only that if he thinks your DVD region is sortable, then mine might be too
  4. hemiuk

    Region hack??

    Hi Gino I spoke to Peter today and he said that you had been in touch, now he said he's looking into a work around for you Z110 I think he said it would be for the sat nav not sure about the DVD region side of things though so keep watching
  5. Just checked the UK version F10 and it states that it has the same limits 16GB on both SD card and USB external device's page 167 that said 16GB = 500 albums or 32 hours of video !!!
  6. hemiuk

    Region hack??

    Hi I got mine from Huets audio in Brighton East Sussex, and the cost was £1280.00 thats supply only not fitted. I was lucky enough to get one of only 50 that came in to the UK. I hope this helps you
  7. Dont know if it's the same on the Z110, but with my old X1 if I turned off the unit with the map showing, when I switched back on it would default to the map screen and I had to acknowledge the warning before I could hear anything, guess I will find out if it's the same with the new F10 (European version of the Z110) hope this helps a little
  8. unit powered up with just the h/brake cable grounded out and works a treat, everything available, yet to test the DVD whilst on the move though
  9. OK its in sort of lol the sub set up is done and all connections are in place for the F10, powered it up and very impressed so far just waiting on the DVD changer and screens the road test
  10. Well I have mine now, just finished hacking the dash around and the unit fits a treat although the truck looks a right mess, seats and half the dash out lol but all going in good, most of the wir ing is now done, but I need a long RCA cable for the sub and still waiting for the DVD multi changer and new rear screens, going to have a pair of US XQ 7" screens for sale real soon should anyone be interested
  11. hemiuk

    Region hack??

    No sorry I have the UK version AVIC-F10BT so I dont have the mapping issues, I did speak to a Pioneer tech and he said that the Z110 will not aquire the europe satalites I had this with someone else on here who said they would but having had a N1 it didnt work even with the UK maps so I think there will be some dissapointed people out there in 441 land, my original question was to do with the DVD play back regions I have a lot of DVD's from the states and still cant belive that Pioneer regionalise the DVD's on their units
  12. spoke to pioneer today about another issue and this cropped up and the tech guy is under the impresion that pioneer DO regionalise there navigation systems the same way they do the DVD side of things, kinda weird this day and age!
  13. if its the same as the 900 then all we do in the UK is ground the lead that goes to the handbrake afaik - not as complicated as the US Why would that be? less complicated I mean, just had a look at the power lead and the F10BT has the yellow mute lead, was that on the 900's as well?
  14. yes the units have landed a total of 50 in the UK. there bigger than I thought looking at the hole it's got to fit in so the cutting wheel will have to come out again lol but they are a very nice looking unit I cant wait to get it in there and fire it up, going to take a while though due to the now custom install but where theres a will theres a way, got the ts-w77a to go under the rear seat as well
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