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  1. Crazy engine whine after 3.0 upgrade???

    Yea I have the same problem. I think it has something to do with the hardware bypass. I also tried moving grounds around also no help.
  2. Look awesome can't wait to install
  3. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    thanks enkrypt3d. i figured it out thanks for all the help.
  4. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    but there is only that one x910 file ???
  5. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    alright one question for the end for the x910 file where i am putting that exactly. Thank for your help so far
  6. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    at the end the "my flash disk" i accidently tried putting the x910 bt zip into that i deleted some stuff and now the unit just keeps reseting blue screen then black
  7. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    hey i need some help mess up at the end can someone help me my unit is not bricked yet If you can help me please call me cell 201 982 5782
  8. How To: Read Wiring Info.

    I need some help finding the color and location of the speed sensor wire and the color and location of the reverse sensor wire. I have 1997 ford explorer. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Wiring help here if you need it.

    I have 1997 ford explorer and tomorrow i am installing the avic-f900bt. Could you tell me where to hook up the speed sensor and the reverse senor on this vehicle. Also could you tell me the color of the ire i need to hook up to Thanks-you inadvanced