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  1. The firmware update is just for Bluetooth if you have an iPhone 5 or any device running iOS6 from what the Pioneer site says. And on a side note, you are crazy to get rid of the iPhone 5 so you can use your phone with your head unit. I use my phone way more than my head unit so I'd rather have the nicer phone. I guess that's just me though, lol...
  2. Some album artwork doesnt show ..

    Thank you! Going to attempt to fix my albums right now!
  3. Can you play MP3s on a flash drive?

    I am using a 128GB Flash drive on my AVH-P8400BH so I don't see why it wouldn't work on a X4500. I did have to format the drive in FAT32 using this though: http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=197 Windows won't let you format a drive that big in FAT32 I don't think. The only issue I have is when I try to create a database with the head unit it says there isn't enough room to store it...not really sure why though.
  4. Some album artwork doesnt show ..

    Anyone ever figure this out? This is driving me crazy!
  5. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    I used a PC and everything went well and it's working great. Make sure you follow instructions to a T. Maybe try it again? Why couldn't you verify firmware version? Was the source off when you tried to check it?
  6. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    Insane the hoops you have to jump through to do this... About to attempt it now...
  7. SD card annoyances (P8400BT)

    I just started using a 128GB flash drive with my 8400BH and yea, so far it does seem to do exactly what you are talking about. It sucks because I was going from an old 60GB iPod video and it seemed to work so much better for me. But I needed more space.
  8. 8400bt cable fault

    And in the manual it shows that it needs to be in the bottom USB port. So I know that's my problem and it's probably yours as well...
  9. AVH-P4400BH microbypass help

    That should be correct. Maybe it's a bad relay? Double check your connections?
  10. 8400bt cable fault

    Make sure the USB is in the USB1 port, I'm pretty sure the apps will only work if it's setup like that. I just installed my 8400 tonight and I tested app mode prior to putting everything back together and it was fine. Then I decided to switch my USB cables because I wanted my old iPod video to be USB1 and the phone to be USB2 and now app mode doesn't work. So I'm going to switch it back tomorrow and see for sure but I'm pretty sure that's your issue.
  11. What exactly can the SD Card be used for?

    I actually have a similar problem with my iPod... It seems to cut the last 2 seconds off of some songs, any idea why this might be?
  12. 3.01 firmware update

    I actually just figured that out and did it, worked perfect. Thanks!
  13. 3.01 firmware update

    So can I do this update on my F700 with the 3.0 update already installed?
  14. Buzzing from unit

    What kind of car do you have? Does it have a factory amp? I have a 2001 Celica GT-S with a factory amp that is very picky with the way it handles aftermarket radios and I get a buzzing noise also... So that might be your problem...
  15. Apple Theme Completed!!

    looking good man, checking it out now! thanks!