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  1. This unit has been in for 3-4 months and worked fine. Took truck to Erie, PA and worked good going down there and all around. But Sunday afternoon it stopped tracking. It was in a while different area. Tried going through all settings, adjusted location, reset it and everything else but it still isn't tracking right. It goes from 5 miles away to 20 miles away.When I come to a stop it seems to keep going for several seconds after. This unit is not modded with exception to the bypass for the nav to work while moving. I even got a extension cable to connect to the trucks factory xm antenna
  2. I been looking into the 6000/6100s and seen several complaints of gps issues. So you are not alone. Big reason I havent upgraded from the 900bt I have.
  3. Thanks for the still uploaded files. I had bought the Pioneer CNSD-100FM update for my 900 since my only update was the software from Pioneer for the 2.0. After getting into the 2nd SD card it stopped at 3% and wouldnt do anything after that. I had to swap out the 900 for my other one that was for my new car. I just got around to looking whats going on with this one. After numerous topics and files yours worked great. Unit is back up and running. Now just searching for newer mapping. Thinking of trying out the NavTeq 2011 4q mapping that was posted. Thank you very much for not deleting that
  4. I still have 2.006 from pioneer in mine and am thinking about updating to the 3.0 I downloaded from here. Any of the current mods out there have a button on all screens to shut off the screen? I dont like driving at night in my area with the screen always lit up. It gets annoying to go through to get to where you can shut it off. So has anyone got this already or can add it into thier 2.0/3.0 mods?
  5. yes both wires were grounded. but however I am going to try and update to the 3.0 download found on here
  6. I got the 900, I am going to update all of it to the 3.0 download from here. But before I do, how can I download all the files incase I need to reinstall them. I had downloaded the new testmode(assuming 2.3 it didnt have the Micap folder), but it didnt do anything. I had also just updated from the 1.0017 to 2.006 from Pioneer. There is no mods or hacks except the hardware mod. So can someone please help with this?
  7. get free copy of bittorrent installed then open that link. It will start downloading. It took me awhile until I found a post about it. So I am downloading it and gonna try updating to 3.0 in the morning.
  8. if nobody has answers you can probaby have a guy on ebay check and fix it. I have had him fix 2 different avics and they worked great. He is in virgina, rch712 or something very close to that. I think his company is same day audio.
  9. ok I got it all working, now few questions software in it was 1.0017, even though the box said 2.0 update, and the nav worked just grounding the parking brake. Then I updated to the 2.006 version, now the startup seems slower. The nav still worked while driving. But movies didnt over 20mph. So I swapped out the wire in the back becuase I couldnt get it to go into the testmode(the newer version I believe is 2.3 doesnt have the Micap folder in it). Now my questions are with the 2.006 do I need to use the older testmode folder to be able to change stuff or should this 2.3 work? I had my AVIC
  10. when your looking it pops up, you fill in the info and the sku#
  11. I just got it and put in my truck. I still have to try and reprogram the PAC module to work the steering controls. But one thing I noticed is the touchscreen sucks. I have to press hard sometimes or a couple of times. Is there any settings to adjust this? Is it possible the PAC module is too old to work with this unit? I have had it for a couple of years.
  12. ok thank you. All I found online in the manual was it would lock up the nav and when you cant enter the right password 3 times it will lock the touch controls too By chance anyone know if the pac steering wheel control module will work on this? I have it setup and is plugged into my Avic N2.
  13. I am wondering, since it isnt detachable face, what security features are installed on these so if someone steals it they cant use it? All I could find was something that locked out the nav portion. I know with eclipse DD units when power is disconnected you need to insert a certain cd and play and certain track you programmed into it. I can get a used 900bt used for $420 shipped right now but this is an issue and always has been. What about the Z series like z1, z2 and z3?
  14. I had my N2 using the 60 disks for the N3s. Worked no problems. I unhooked the headunit to hook up my headrest tvs and steering wheel controls. I plugged it back in. I reset all my settings. But it wouldnt read the nav disks. It would track in detail where I was going. But wouldnt give me actual route to even my house. So I looked around here and tried the reset. Went trough all of it. Well I pop in the 70 disks and it says invalid dvd. So I used the 50 disk and it took no problem. Only problem I got is I need east coast and all I got is west coast. So all in all will the new 70 disks work i
  15. can you damage the screen of an N2 if you solder the 2 pins on the bottom of the board? Or is it really only the ribbon cable? The N2 was repaired by United Radio in 11/06 they replaced the board and the cable. I got the unit 1/07 and soldered the 2 points. I just put it in yesterday. At first the screen worked fine. Then when you went to close it it would black out. Then it went completely black.
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