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  1. I have the c2550-NEX. I have to touch the guidelines icon each time I put the car in reverse. Is there a way to make the guidelines on by default as soon as I put the car in reverse? FYI: I am using the Pioneer's guidelines, not the camera's guidelines.
  2. I just installed a backup camera on a c2550-NEX. You do not have to tap into the reverse lights for power. If the camera wiring harness has a power and ground wire (mine was red & black/red, then connect the red to +12v accessory in the car's harness and black/red to the ground wire in the car's harness. The "reverse trigger" wire at the pioneer harness should connect to "reverse trigger" wire at the iData harness (mine was light green and labelled). This way the camera has power at all times when the vehicle is on or in accessory position. You can then select the camera to view continuous
  3. Is the "safety cam" mod working for anyone? Also, how do you switch "voices" without a complete reset? Anyone? Bueller?
  4. Is the "safety cam" mod working for anyone? Also, how do you switch "voices" without a complete reset?
  5. So, this "Speedcam/Redlight Mod", once enabled under "Warnings" should alert to redlight cams automatically? Cuz, I turned mine on and passed at least 3 Redlight cams with no alert whatsoever! What is up with that?
  6. The install went perfectly. I am unfamiliar with the mods that this encompasses, but it seems to run faster and I enabled "speedcam" and chose "English-Samatha", so we shall see. Edit, I did not like the synthesis of the "Samantha" voice, so I did a "default" reset and went back to the OEM voice (Jason?). Is there a simpler way to Change voices without a complete reset? When I went to Settings>System Settings>Service Information there seems to be a whole bunch of new stuff! At least, I've never seen it all before. Such as "Open Explorer" and "close Taskbar". Pretty freaking kewl!
  7. I kept trying to download it and still same thing. Is there a special way to open the file or different program to open this? It only downloaded 17.7K Jimbo Sounds like you are just "saving" the torrent file, as opposed to opening the torrent in a bittorrent client and "leeching" the entire file. As Retell said, look up bittorrent and download a client (i.e. Vuze). It will open up a whole new world for you!
  8. OK, finally got a seeder! Keep seeding folks.
  9. To be clear, Should "Copy the entire contents of the RAR file to the root of SD card.", read "Copy the entire "extracted" contents of the RAR file to the root of SD card."
  10. Let me be the first to say thanks. And good move posting as a torrent on TPB. I'm on the torrent and hoping to test my new Media card writer and 8 Gb SD card ASAP!
  11. See the bottom of page 40 for the links I used last week.
  12. I should add that my "Map Version" under System Information says 2.000300. Are there more up-to-date US Maps?
  13. HMMM? I only see two entries for "versions" (Settings>System Settings>Service Information). The firmware version and map version and that is it. I have the 3.0 installed from this site and it says the Map Version is 2.000300 like DeeX indicated. A little clarification here?
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