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  1. iPad Control On the Horizon

    I know this is an ancient thread, but just to be clear on the iPad, when you're seeing NOT CHARGING on the iPad, it's simply not receiving enough juice to charge, but it is receiving some power. It gets enough power to charge if the display is off and it's not doing anything; enough to hold current charge state if the screen is lit up or delivering music or whatever.
  2. Excellent-looking v4.3, IDT! Can't wait to get it installed. In answer to your question (in response to my issue with the speed limits showing up incorrectly), it was on Trans-Canada Hwy. on Vancouver Island - 90km/h speed limit was showing as 145 on the box. I installed the tele-atlas 2009 maps (someone on one of these threads had posted a 14-part .rar archive). You thinking it's time to start over and re-load a full MY FLASH DISK backup? 'cause that's what I'm thinking.
  3. Hey IDT, I finally ventured (with v4 installed) onto a road that had speed limit data (none of the maps for the roads near home here on Vancouver Island seem to have that data). Anyway, when I do get the speed limit signs showing, it's showing the KPH as if it was converting the posted speed limit as if posted was MPH. So, if speed limit is 100km/h, my speed limit icon shows 161 (100MPH = 161 KPH). I remember reading about this before on someone's earlier mod, but I can't track down what the solution was. Any quick ideas?
  4. Gurjon skin for AVIC

    Hmm - very interesting. I've chosen a VW Golf as "my car" (it's in the settings somewhere), but yet I have the standard triangle as my position indicator on the maps.
  5. Gurjon skin for AVIC

    I've found the SMART ZOOM adjustment page (damned if I know what exactly I'd be adjusting with it, mind you), but does anyone know how to turn OFF SmartZoom?
  6. Hey IDT, Thanks for adding the elevation/altitude along with current speed - very nice!! It would appear to be functional only while NOT on a route - which probably suits many people very well. I would like to keep it onscreen always, though, along with the current speed. Is there a simply code adjustment I could make to always keep it onscreen? And/or if I wanted to move it over to the right-hand side of the map, do I just adjust the x-y coordinates in that one .ui file? Thanks again for all your work - totally impressive how responsive and diligent you are. If anyone at Pioneer is reading this, call this man immediately and get him working for you!
  7. Gurjon skin for AVIC

    I was just playing around with all of the settings (there's LOTS), and came upon that somewhere. i.e., there's a setting somewhere that says "switch to 2D when approaching waypoint", with adjustments available. Don't ask me where that was - I saw so many screens, I have no idea where.
  8. Mega-bummer, Dude!! That just sucks! All the best with getting it fixed/repaired/replaced/whatever. I hope the dealer comes through for you, Julius.
  9. Hey, IDT - great work on the mod. I love the look and the functionality that you've included. Can you post the paypal address again? One request: I know that being that you live in Winnipeg, having a constant read-out of the elevation/altitude is pretty usesless (who needs/wants to know that for the last three hours of driving, your elevation has remained at 240m?). However, living out on the west coast, elevation is constantly changing. And in the winter, the temperature (and whether or not it's freezing) often changes a lot with the elevation. So, whether in route or not in route, could we get an option to have elevation continuously displayed? Or is there a bit of code that would be easy enough for a simpleton such as myself to add to the appropriate .ui file? I know diaftia had one, but his sign/bmp was absolutely tiny - no way I could make that out on a quick glance. (BTW, in editing the .ui files, are you just using a simple text editor like Notepad or TextEdit? And when you re-zip the DATA.ZIP back up, does one choose the .ZIP option in 7-zip? Every time I've tried to edit something (using Notepad), the DATA.ZIP seems to be corrupt when I re-load it - I get the "PLEASE WAIT FOR START-UP" holding pattern).
  10. Gurjon skin for AVIC

    I tried copying the whole thing over to the iGO folder, but got the "no more disk space left" message. I figured it'd overwrite and have enough space, but nope - ran out of room. What did get up and working, though, looked pretty nice!!
  11. Just to confirm..... this is still for the 2.0 firmware, right? Nothing yet available from S. / BorisM for the 3.0 firmware....? (Not that I wanna sound greedy or anything.
  12. 3.01 firmware update

    Ok. I'm wondering what I did wrong then. I downloaded the 3.01 update from pioneerelect...com and followed the install instructions, but ended up in the "System is starting up .... please wait" hell. Sound and buttons worked, but couldn't get map or get rid of that system message. Any ideas out there what went wrong?
  13. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    I had the same issue, but only when I tried to install the 3.0.1 update from the Pioneer website. The only way I could overcome it was to go back all the way back to installing the WINCE updates, then the 3.00. I'm not tackling the 3.0.1 again until someone posts a definitive "how-to" on what the best way to do it is. I wasted enough of my Saturday trying to do that update the first time. By the way, do we have a list of what's supposedly fixed/addressed in the 3.0.1 update?
  14. If I may just add to IDT's excellent work and excellent instructions that the DATA.ZIP, SYS.TXT and DS-DIGI.TTF files go into the APL2\iGo folder. The only path I found on my first attempt was the iGo folder that he referenced in getting rid of the contents of the SAVED folder. Strangely enough - that didn't do anything. Putting them into the APL2\iGo folder, though - works great. Looks great! Much thanks!
  15. peace out.

    Umm....so any chance anyone could rapidshare, anonymously, the latest cmh928 (6.6.09) data.zip? (Or pm me with an idea of where I might be able to find his files?) I had the FTP page open today and went to download and got the 401 (eek!). Now, it all appears gone. Truly sad that some buffoons too lazy to read and learn before jumping in drove this guy away.