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  1. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    It arrived, only 5 days from the UK too! Total including shipping was $50. WORKS GREAT! Gone from only being able to pick up ONE AM station in Dallas/Ft. Worth to more than I can count. FM stations much better too! BIG THUMBS UP!
  2. Hoping someone here can help... Found some nice looking button images at viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25947 but cannot find how to modify my 3.0 upgraded unit to use them. Can anyone help? THANKS!
  3. A few custom buttons.

    Thanks, mind pointing me to how to add them ? THANKS!
  4. A few custom buttons.

    Any folder you want, unless you want them to be working... ? I asked as, and yes I have done some modding, I cannot locate any folders with images with the names inside the zip file posted. The file names in the zip file are: 746_32K_Home_32b.bmp 746_32K_OM-019_32b_poi.bmp 746_32K_OM-019_32b_address.bmp button_volume.bmp button_volume_mute.bmp
  5. A few custom buttons.

    what folder, in 3.0, do these go in?
  6. 3.0 Modding: Thoughts & Ideas

    Excellent thread! Subscribed
  7. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

  8. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    On the Audi harness which connects to the radio, anyone know which wire color is the power one for the Audi amplified antenna?
  9. Change presets from Steering wheel?

    I have the Connects2 for my '08 Audi A4, drove me crazy how the left side control when spun up or down scrolled through the freequencies insted of my preset stations. Then I accidentally PRESSED the knob and wow... each press of it goes to the next preset station. If yours has a knob like this try it...
  10. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    Found it! $50 including shipping on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com.my/ws/eBayISAPI.dll ... 0028814425
  11. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    Yeah, the first link cannot find anyone who sells and has in stock. Spoke to a guy who seems knowledgeable at CarTunes today. Basically he said that: the Antenna out lead from the AVIC does not provide enough power for the powered antenna the Audi comes with. To solve this need to simply run 12v to the Audi antenna power amplifier. Just need to figure out which wire it is now. Also found out another interesting tidbit... since the rear speakers are amplified (factory) and the volume was too low when connected to the AVIC they instructed a simple solution they had just done another 08 A4 with the same factory stereo which was replaced with an AVIC. Plug factory stereo back up, turn volume all the way up. Turn car off, remove factory stereo and put AVIC back in. Will give it a shot...
  12. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    ARGH! Contacted them, out of stock with no date on when they will have again. Going to go the dual din antenna plus another adapter route... will post results once done...
  13. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    Diversity antenna. Thanks.. As I thought then, to get optimal reception need both connected.
  14. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    Does anyone know if the two antenna connections are for? is one FM and the other AM? Satellite? My Audi is an 2008 A4, came from the factory with the Symphony sound system, NO satellite radio, NO Bose, NO Navigation.. Yet connecting to it in the back are TWO antenna's...
  15. Pioneer AVIC antenna connections..

    I found a splitter: http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/Shop ... /SFV/30046 which may do the trick, depending on what the two antenna connections are for. Would get another Audi antenna connection adapter (for a total of 2) which would then allow connection of both antennas. Thoughts?