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  1. Apologies for a ‘newb’ topic, but has been 4 years since I last updated my AViC F90BT system. I have so far updated (using HERE maps, seem to be popular now) my maps (only the 2 main files so far the fbl and fpa (and my regions hnr files), but intend to add the fda and fsp in the morning all in maps folder. Are there any other ‘map’ files that work on my system? And finally, licenses came with the maps but the system seems to work as it is this evening. Do I need these ‘extra’ licenses and if so where do they go? Many thanks in advance, Timbo
  2. Hello all , great progress it seems I have been away from the AVIC scene for ages now but... I currently have an F90BT (EU model) which i have disabled the warnings on , added some small theming to and updated my GPS maps on. What I would like to know is , does this new hack allow me to do the same on newer models or does the 'no gps' warning in the first post still a factor that would stop me doing manual map updates ? Many Thanks Timbo P.S. If maps is not an issue then what it the current best avic model available that is hacked ?
  3. Hello all, It's been a while since my last post but, hopeful that you will be able to give me the same good advice. I currently have installed a F900BT with brake bypass, startup bag message removed, ezrider so I can upload new maps and a couple of gfx mods. I have already seen the brake bypass and I don't care (at this stage) about my gfx mod so... The question is, can I disable the 'nag' message and upload maps to the unit as I currently do on my F900BT ? Many Thanks Timbo
  4. As has been said , it uses normal flash memory. A SSD wouldn't be any faster that a traditional HDD in this environment as the system has a lot of small files and an SSD is no faster than a HDD for small files. The best cure for the 'slow speed' of the current F series range would be to improve the databus interface (think of ATA33 and ATA100) to speed up transfers across the bus and , to use faster flash chips like the Z110/F10 has.
  5. It's called the AVIC F10BT in the UK if that makes you happier ?
  6. I just tried out the ARM version on my EW F910BT and it works fine. I just added the ARM install to my SDCard and then ran it from the WindowsCE desktop (from my testmode boot). As said in the earlier post , this is just a mainmenu and you would have to create and integrate each sub-system into it (integration shouldnt be too hard as the menus are configurable to point to any exe). I suppose the various GPS sub-systems could be taken from the now discontinued LeetLauncher project and the other apps could be found somehow. Definately a good 'toy' for one or more of our coders to
  7. I got to download this from the homepage here http://wolfzone.u-stor.net:20001/~wolfz ... u_download there are also skin pages etc on the website but it is all in korean. i installed the intel version on my pc and it all works fine. It is just the core menu system and all sub-systems would have to be added and configured.
  8. The speedcams setup is designed that if you are under the limit then they don't sound but if you are over the limit they do.
  9. UK F910BT here and only the sys.txt that you have already so the 910 is include even though the remarks don't mention it
  10. If you have had your firmware updated by Pioneer it is possible that the older testmode boot (the one with a mitacap folder) won't work anymore. You will need the new testmode boot for 3.0 firmware units.
  11. Well , there is not a lot about the F910 that I dislike (once it is modded to remove the nag screen and be able to update maps) but, the Z110/F10 has a larger screen , less mechanical buttons (so is more aesthetically pleasing IMO) and lacks the iPod connection method that the F910 has (which is frankly ludicrous considering Alpine have had direct USB iPod connection for years). Add to that the improved startup times , the allegedly better display of navi info and voice control and you have what in my opinion is an upgrade from the F910 that some many consider insignificant but I would like to
  12. I already did , the F910 about two months ago but , I would like to upgrade to the Z110/F10 but I know how much the nag screen annoyed me and how much map updates would be required.
  13. OK , so I take it the service test mode isn't enough ? I take the point that the 900 series was a 'fluke' but with the recent 3.x firmware the testmode files were 'broken' and needed to be rejigged to get back into the units. Has it been considered and been researched as to whether the testmode for 900 series can be rejigged to work on the Z110/F10 or, is the problem that the system boots from a bootrom (hence the improved startup times) and cannot be attacked the same way ? I desperately want to upgrade to this unit but, there is no way in hell that I could stand to live with that dam
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