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  1. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    ok well I figured it out I did a force recheck on utorrent and it says now that I am only 78% done with it. /sigh I was looking forward to getting the z3 update installed on it. Once I get this thing downloaded I will leave it up to seed for other people, I have it on my work computer that really doesnt get used much so I should have no problem seeding for a while for you all. Can I get some seeders please. There is only 2 seeders and they dont have the same sections that I dont have 1, 10, 11 Thank you in advance
  2. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    Just downloaded the z3 image last night, The directions say you need to unzip it, it was not zipped? Also I want to to the restore and it said "This is not the first sector of the image" I went and looked in the files that I downloaded with a torrent and I have z3_virgin 2 - 9 z3_virgin 12-14 Does anyone know if it is suposto be like this? Did the torrent miss up downloaded it says that I am done with it.
  3. capacitors

    Here is the low down on caps. Electrically all caps are for is regulation of voltage for electrical equipment. Caps only work for electrical equipment installed with in 12" of the cap. (SO IF YOU ARE HAVING HEADLIGHT DIMMING YOU SHOULD INSTALL THE CAPS ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS NOT YOUR SUBS) If you are going to spend $130 on a cap why not spend the money and spend $150 on a car audio power cell battery. If you have a 800w power cell if will have over 100x the capacity of a 1f cap. Also check with what amp you are using alot of new amps use RIPS power supply and if you use a cap with them you will void your warranty. On a final note after the first couple of big bass hits not only does your battery and alternator have to deal with the drain from the amplifier but now it has a depleted cap that it has to recharge also.
  4. Dual antenna adapter?

    you need to get an ant adapter from your local car audio store. We sell the adapter for the A4 depending on the year from $9.99 to $19.99
  5. Rears as Bass

    Just to inform you it is not composite speakers it is coaxial speaker. If you just make your rear speakers play bass it will not up the bass coming out it will just cut out the vocals. So you will have less sound, Why do you not just want to put a small sub in the car? Subs are ment to play bass your door drivers are only ment to play vocals and mid bass you will never get the low bass from them like you would from a subwoofer.
  6. Multiple Amp's/Higher Low Output Voltage

    depending on what car you have with boses you need a special digitial harness to get your bose and airbag system to work. if you do not use it your bose system will be lacking sound and you have a chance for your air bags to deploy at any point in time or not deploy at all. It is called the rap system.
  7. Found the CAUTION message!!!

    Is the test editable so you can have that window say anything you want to?
  8. Buying a new HDD

    go here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=18313