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  1. Got it working on F930BT! Was updated from 5.0 (2013, also done from this forum). Followed the instructions posted before. Works just fine! Thanks a lot! Two things to be said: 1. Using hex-editor you should use search function to find the exact text specified in post #65 and replace all entries accordingly. 2. CARDINFO file from the zip-file worked, no modded file used.
  2. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Worked like a charm on F930BT! Thank you so much! Greetings from Austria!
  3. Hi! Seems like no one out there has ever succeded in hacking this beautiful device. A great help would be a service manual, i suppose. In the case with Z110BT it really might be a help for you get the "password" how to get the test mode working. As to the U310BT, i still have no idea where to get this vital piece of information. Anyway, if one of you has a good friend at Pioneer service, you might try to get this: CRT 4377. This is the Part number for the U310BT service manual. I recon there you will find the clue how to get this thing open.
  4. What is instant about the unit?

    Yes, I have the new firmware on it. I got it from the European Pioneer site. It said it was only for the F310bt, the European models. The txt file in the update folder said it was also for the U310bt, so i made the update. Though i must say i updated it not because i had some issues, but just because i had an opportunity. The device works after the update exactly as before, with just one difference: when using the detachable unit, it does not power off instantly when i switch it off but takes about 2-3 seconds to switch off. Once again, no issues either prior to update or after it.
  5. What is instant about the unit?

    It sounds strange to me as to 32+ seconds etc. I also have U310BT, use it with an iPhone and I never really feel like this Avic is too slow. My phone is connected in max. 10 seconds, really. Regarding the factory installed nav: of course this Avic will be slower on connecting the satellites. It does not have a connection to the speedometer, compass and other things like that which make a difference between a 500 USD Avic and a 2000 USD factory installed nav.
  6. Test mode on U310BT?

    Hi there! Any idea how to get that test mode on U310BT working? I've got this device and cannot figure out. The methods with testmode files on an SD-card do not seem to work. Anyone here to have succeded?
  7. A couple of questions on u310bt

    Hi there! I'm new to this site and would like to ask you people a couple of questions on this device. Real life users are welcome! Questions: 1. The detachable screen: does it hold all the map data or is it stored in the head unit? 2. How about battery life of the detachable unit? Is it comparable with F500BT or better/worse? 3. Any solution to install maps known? I actually need European maps install on a US device. (at the moment seems to be an overkill, I suppose) Every answer will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!