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  1. hacked avic and pioneer repair?

    It seems like my pico fuse is blown. I'm getting insane hiss as soon as the unit start. I've troublecheck every other thing and it comes from the avic. i'm in canada. shipping will be pretty expensive already. What will happen if i ship it to pioneer usa to get it repair with my "illegal" 3.0 firmware? also what's the price for fixing the pico fuse?
  2. thanks for the help it saves my unit
  3. avic rebooting every 30sec???

    i removed: gpspara0.bin, gpspara1.bin, gpspara2.bin and gpspara3.bin and it works so far
  4. avic rebooting every 30sec???

    since i had issue with it 3 days ago (too cold here didn't start just reboot every 15 sec) it doesn't work very well ever since. Today wasn't cold at all... the unit was starting nicely but after 30sec of music... it just reboot over and over again. i have v3.0, never problem with it. I tried reset too. any ideas? i hope it's not a brick... btw 3.0 was installed 3-4month ago, never had problem... version from here...
  5. Best 16go SDHC card for avic f900bt 2.0

    ok nice, have you tried video playback from the sd card / build-in drive? if so what worked?
  6. Best 16go SDHC card for avic f900bt 2.0

    what size? talking about 16/32 in particular
  7. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    got it working, wow it's so much more responsive, i love it thanks guys edit i just ride with it, and street name won't show up in 3d mode what's up with that? 6 also i'd like to remove all the security advertising (b4 gps /video mod) how do i do that
  8. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    hum no problem downloading the instal files, but no one's sharing the big torrent?
  9. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    OK i'll try doing this for my 2.0 f900bt. But i can't afford to brick it i haven't read everything, it seems a lil complicated and i'm a bit scared what do i need to do to back the 2.0 up? just in case? also are the instruction in the op update (with all the error that the users discovered)
  10. Best 16go SDHC card for avic f900bt 2.0

    bump? what's up with you people? no ONE ever used sdhc card? also it takes the same exact time for my bluetooth connect and sd card (above a min)... that plain sucks.
  11. I'm looking for a nice card, not too expensive would be great, that get read pretty quick from the avic on bootup/folder navigation I lost one of my 8go but it was kinda loading slow. it was speed or class 6 if i remember well... or any 32go that i should consider without paying an arm?
  12. Can't get video format to play

    i've pretty much tried everything without any succes??? what's up wih that? only the ipod videos work?
  13. Can't get video format to play

    I wrote a message to pioneer. I hope they atleast know what should work I put a dvd with like 30 videoclip this morning, 3 of them worked, 2 without the sound. 1 working perfect.
  14. Can't get video format to play

    bump? what do you guys convert your video to for the dvd/cd drive? Am I the only one without an ipod? seems like
  15. Can't get video format to play

    Dvd movies work fine, but beside that, there's nothing i can play off the build-in drive or sd card. oh yeah, 900bt with 2.0 any suggestion on what to encode to? I'm real lost also can i use a gif as a splash screen?